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Fascination (by Kiittn) by etheras

Fascination (by Kiittn)


Warning: This story contains themes some readers might find unsettling.

Benjamin glanced around.

Here was power. Massed together in this room stood the ones who moved the world – heads of state, ministers and diplomats, all had come together here deep within the great palace of Etheras: the Fennecropolis; A fortress like a web of ivory rising ominously from the Egyptian desert, towering over the oasis at its base – a shape so convoluted in its beauty and intricacy and so impossibly flawless that it left the viewer in terror at the awesome powers that could manifest such a structure. It was so perversely alien as to defy comprehension, and nothing ever devised could penetrate its diamond walls. Thus it was decided that here an unholy meeting could take place here without risk. None could see within these walls. Not even protestors or news media would reach them here, for the Fennecropolis was a place of such disturbing rumor and superstition that not even the world’s bravest would dare to gaze upon it unbidden.

The room was dim – there were no windows this deep inside the palace walls... and the overall atmosphere was ominous to the guests - one couldn’t help being reminded of a trap closing in the way the way the walls curved inward over them to form a the room’s low dome. Benjamin wondered if the choice of meeting rooms was deliberate to influence them with a feeling of unease. He contemplated this because he knew that he would have done the same in Etheras's position. But even he didn't expect the level of the young fox's deception. Occasionally he caught his mind wandering to unusual thoughts, and or thought he heard a voice in a rustle of fabric. Benjamin thought he was being paranoid, but he was right. Everything was subliminally tailored to influence them, from faint whispered sounds to meticulously-chosen scents, to the dancing color patterns the crystal wine glasses reflected light into.

OOC: Hope you like the story so far. Unfortunately I have to abridge this due to Weasyl's character limits on images. (Oh well) To read the rest, check it out here: !

Artwork by kiittn
Fennec & story by etheras

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