Strut my Stuff (by Brindle) by etheras

Strut my Stuff (by Brindle)


17 January 2018 at 12:47:31 MST

Oooh-yah, look at the stride! Look at that swish! Fennecs are such graceful creatures, are we not? Just watch the tail... look at how the light glints off the silky fur. How the fur rolls and swishes, and how the feathers wave behind them... its hypnotic, isn't it? Well, its a photo of me in the spotlight during one of my many performances. If you were there, you would likely be my slave right now (mwahahaha!) ... which is not to imply that some of you might not already-be. My tendrils of control are insidious. >.> <.<

.... Or maybe you just like art of femboy fennecs dressed all fancy-dancy. In either case - this number's for you. Play it, Sam!

Artwork is by the amazing pettifog
Etheras the Fennec (c)

I have a second image of this that Brindle did for me where the fur-colors have less of the yellow light-wash on them. Its located [url=]over here[/url], if that interests you. Feel free to comment on either, and let me know which one you prefer!

If you enjoy this image, you might like some of the other art that Brindle has done of Etheras, like:


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