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Destroyer of Worlds (by Abelsword) by etheras

Destroyer of Worlds (by Abelsword)


10 April 2016 at 15:28:35 MDT

Harken to me, my subjects!

From this profile, I'm sure that I give the impression that being Galactic Overlord is all fun and equines, but the responsibilities are far greater than one might imagine. Exploding dissident worlds, finding spies and such... its a lot of hard work. Its the hardest job in the galaxy, in-fact. Always gotta keep the mind control arrays operating at peak efficiency, and optimize the behavior of the drones. The equines simply act as a pleasant diversion - because even a god-king such as myself could go completely crazy if all they ever did was worry about the Empire.

Here's me - removing a troublesome spot. Pruning the garden, so-to-speak. Don't I look dashing? ^.^

I did threaten that I would be steering Etheras in a more canonical direction. Hope I don't lose too many followers over the darker character. :)

Artwork by Abelsword
Etheras the Fennec (c)

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