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007 (part3) Villainous (by Nate Day) by etheras

007 (part3) Villainous (by Nate Day)


!!Originally written for the opening night of SKYFALL!!

My name is Dela Fay; Etheras Dela Fay.

That's right - James Bond #23 "SKYFALL" opened today! I saw it last night. It was pretty good. :) Are any of you excited? I love Bond. So much, in fact, that I drew a pic and commissioned a short series which I will be uploading throughout the rest of the day.

The final pic will be uploaded later tonight. :)

This image is part 3 of a series.
PART3 (is this one)

And so... on to the story!


Carson re-entered the private room with Felix close-behind. The table was full and a couple of the players looked slightly annoyed at their delayed arrival. They resumed their seats. Carson noticed that Etheras had been waiting him. At his side stood a regal-looking cougaress in an elegant black dress that hugged her curvy feminine hips perfectly. Her breasts swelled out the front, showing off plenty of tawny cleavage. Carson glanced between her and Etheras and sensed some kind of connection. Lovers, perhaps? Maybe after this assignment they could have a very interesting weekend together perhaps on the shores of Spain or perhaps France, just the three of them? He knew the perfect place...

Etheras detached himself from her side and strode to Carson. Her eyes followed him for a moment until they met Carson’s. His gaze brushed the puma’s just for a brief moment, before his gaze flicked down her sleek figure, indicating to her exactly what he thought of her: that she was beautiful, and would make an excellent mare for him. She blushed and looked back to Etheras, indignation in her eyes, as if saying to him “Honey: Make him stop.” But Etheras was looking at James and made a little twirling motion with his satin-gloved finger. Carson turned in his chair, reluctantly breaking his gaze of the cougaress and facing back to Thunderhoof, who was watching the casino attendants as they brought out the chips, plaques, and loaded the card shoe.

Etheras stood behind Carson and bent over his broad back, leaning on him, and massaging lightly. “Now for me to bring you back that good-luck again...”

“Who’s that girl you were with?” asked Carson.

“Her? Oh... that’s just Titty. Titty Mammary, my fiance.” replied Etheras in a soft voice.

“Fiance? Does she know how we spent the evening?” Carson asked; probing for information rather than concerned.

“We have.... an understanding.” Etheras drawled a little cryptically.

"Diamonds are forever, hmmm?" Carson joked with a touch of playful sarcasm. Etheras rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Thunderhoof began to explain the game to the others, but Carson knew from after the first minute that they were using Moroccan rules, and let his mind wander... in particular to the thoughts of those two lovers... together in his bed. What a lovely sight that would be! And he would join them... and--

He was brought back to the moment at a slight twinge from Etheras’s rubbing paws, which were digging a little harder now, working the knots of his back. Carson was tense but that’s how he wanted to be: there were high stakes here tonight. Relaxation would be against him. He wanted his senses alert, adrenaline in his blood. This rubbing would put him off his concentration a little, so he turned and said “Little princess, daddy has money to win. Make yourself useful and get him a vodka martini, extra dry, shaken but not stirred, with a slice of lemon peel and two olives, hmm?”, Carson said, giving the fennec a little swat on the rump. Etheras jumped and glared at James, who grinned back. Clearly ‘Prince’ Etheras wasn’t used to being treated like that. Well... now was a good time for him to learn, Carson thought with a chuckle as he scurried off.

Carson met eyes with Titty again and coaxed her over with a crooked finger while her mate was out running the demeaning errand. “Hello miss Kitty.” Carson said, laying on the charm thickly. “While your boy is out, will you be my lucky charm?”

She was not amused, and crossed her arms over her impressive bosom. “If I must.”

“Good,” said James, casually hooking his arm around her back, he pulled her onto his lap. Her eyes widened with surprise as his impudence... then she swallowed softly to herself and wiggled her butt a little in disbelief as she felt his thick equine bulge pressing up under her ass. Clearly she had never experienced an equine before. Maybe after feeling that she wouldn’t need much coaxing...?

Carson turned his attention back to Thunder. Playing cards with someone was an excellent way to get a feel for them, so even if he didn’t bust the other stallion tonight, Carson would have a better sense of how far Thunder would go to get the armoire... what kind of risks he would subject himself to... his mannerisms... any nervous gestures... Carson would read Thunder tonight like an open book; studying for the exam that would come the following day.

Baccarat is a simple game - its the same as American Blackjack except that one cannot “bust”. Instead, if one goes over, they simply start back at zero, and a player can take only one additional card, which is played face-up. Instead of playing to 21, the goal of baccarat is to get closer to 9 than one’s opponent. So a 4 and a 5 is a 9, and therefore the highest, but so it a Q and a 9, which is 19, but since it busts at 10 and resets, and the remainder of the card score is 9, and so-on. Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10’s are worth nothing, as they do not change the score of one’s other cards.

One other way in which baccarat is different than American blackjack is that, while there are six seats at the table, only two players play at a time - the banko, and whoever accepts his bet. The bet typically doubles each time it goes around the table. Anyone can accept the bet - even those who aren’t officially in the game, but merely watching. This also tends to lead to side betting. However, since this game was private, bids would instead go around the table three times, becoming richer each cycle, and if no players took the play, each would pay an ante to the bank totaling the amount of the opening bet, and they would all receive new cards.

Bidding started at one-hundred thousand dollars. Carson never took the first bet. He took the opportunity instead to watch his other players... gauging their reactions. The challenge was taken by the boar who was sitting at his right. Etheras had returned by this time and placed a tall elegant martini on a branded napkin at Carson’s elbow. He hardly noticed it, as his eyes danced from player to player, hands to hands, then watched as Thunderhoof slapped the shoe (that’s what its called when they draw cards), “burning” every-other card and slid the others onto table. an attendant watching the game then to the scooped the cards with a long paddle and deposited them in front of the players.

Carson took a sip of his cocktail as he studied. The boar took an extra card. Thunderhoof didn’t, and ended up winning with a 7 and an A (8), verus a 3, 4, and K (7).

James felt like firing a volley across Thunder’s bow and took the next bet for one-hundred thousand. He watched as the other stallion slapped the shoe, burning a card alternately between each draw as-before. Carson didn’t watch as the paddle slid the cards closer - his eyes were on Thunder, who returned the look levelly. After a moment of staring and sizing that seemed to stretch into eternity, Carson’s hand dropped down, and he lifted the corners of his cards. A pair of 3’s. Statistically this was a better-than average hand. If he took another card, he would have a greater chance of worsening his score than improving it. Or .. he thought so. Was that right? He blinked. Something was wrong. His mind felt a little fuzzy... like he’d just woken up. And now he was having trouble focusing. He glanced at his drink and noticed a bit of white residue at the bottom of the cone of the martini glass.

He looked up at Etheras, who’s eyes gazed down into his with a touch of smug triumph. “You treacherous bitch...” Carson said casually, and felt his body slouching... and then..?


Carson didn’t remember anything else from the night. When he finally came around, it was from a throbbing in his temples. It was so bright here... God damn why was it so bright? And why couldn’t he shield his eyes? He tried to move his arms, and they moved, but then stopped. He squinted through the glare and saw that they were handcuffed to a bedframe. So bright...! Outside the window... desert? ... and then it all came back to him.

“The amoire!” he said, eyes opening wide despite the hangover from the drug he was given - and he realized by the light that it was around noon. The auction would already be over! He tried pulling at the handcuffs, but then he heard a stern voice.

“Don’t try it.” the voice said.

Carson looked up. It was Titty. She had a small pistol trained on him - from the looks of it, it was his own Walther PPK/s. He glanced back up to her eyes, “And you’re in on this too?”

Titty smiled and let the question hang in the air a moment, then answered, “No. Not really.” she put the gun aside and moved closer to him, still wearing that revealing little black nothing from the night before, or another one that was remarkably like it.

“I convinced them that your staggish swagger disgust me, and that they can trust me to hold you until their transaction is done... but really I just wanted to see if what they say about stallions is true. Last night you... enticed me.” she said, reaching down and groping him through his pants. “It feels like a lot more than my boy has, that’s for sure.” she mused. He groaned.

“This isn’t the time, Titty!” he said, despite the flooding arousal that was swelling between his legs at her touch.

“You’re in my bed, handcuffed down and helpless - I can’t think of a better time, can you?” she purred. He could see the arousal of her nipples through the dress’s dark fabric. He could smell the enticing tang of her eager loins.

“Do you know what your boyfriend has planned? He’s going to kill millions of people!”

She became serious all of a sudden. “What are you talking about?” She put on airs and crossed her arms, drawling out the words in a tone of skepticism.

Carson explained, “He has stolen the codes for an abandoned soviet superweapon called Ivan’s Hammer. That’s what is hidden in the armoire he bought today. The CIA believes the weapon was a myth, and so he’s going to have to demonstrate that it is real and that he has the power to control it if he’s going to make the world comply with his demands. He’s using his company’s transmitters to broadcast the codes, probably as we speak! That’s what was in the armoire! Old soviet launch codes!” he said, pleading with her to believe him in the note of his voice. But from the look of her face she knew it must be true. Perhaps something she overheard, or just a feeling from her lover.

“Are you serious?” she asked, one last time.

“Yes! Now release me.” he demanded in a soft but commanding voice. She complied immediately, going over to the television table, she took a small key from a clean ashtray and came back to him, unlocking one cuff and then handing the tiny key to him to unlock the second. “Do you know where Etheras will be?”

She nodded, “In his penthouse.” she said meekly. “He said he had a conference or something...”

“Come with me” he demanded, taking her by the wrist. “I need you to take me to him.”

The pair proceeded out the door and down the hall to the elevator, and they ascended to the top floor. As the doors opened Carson found himself with a large Smith and Wesson .500 Magnum in his face, with a scarred black equine face looking down the sights at him.

“Hand it over, 007.” said the familiar voice of Thunderhoof. James was a very quick draw, but not quick enough to draw against someone who already had a bead on him. James reached into his shoulder holster and quietly safed the PPK/s, then placed it into Thunder’s open hand. “Thank you.” said the other equine, who stepped back to let him in, warily holstering both weapons - the S&W in a shoulder holster, and the PPK disappearing into his pants pocket.

Carson walked cautiously into the main room, which was where the master bed lay. And there was Etheras, naked, wrapped up in his blanket of mink, glowing from the afternoon rays coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows. It was clear from the open bottle of champagne and used equine-sized condoms that Thunderhoof and Etheras had been celebrating... vigorously.. not long moments before.

“Ah it's the spy who loved me!... How are you James? Did you sleep well? How nice of you to come. And look what you brought me... my fiance to join the party.” he said. She hugged against Carson, he could feel her warm breasts pressing into his shoulder.

Etheras got up slowly and went to the window. “You’ve come to witness my ascension, haven’t you? Its almost over. In a matter of minutes I will have activated all of the Ivan’s Hammer network.”

“That’s impossible,” said Carson. “There are hundreds - maybe thousands of drones. It would take days to send the codes to all of them.”

“Ten-thousand One-Hundred and Twenty-Six to be exact, but you’re quite right,” Etheras responded, “But.. you see... this is not just some obelisk in the desert. It’s in-fact the world’s most powerful micro and radio-wave transmitter, and thanks to some earlier probing, we already know the exact location of all of the drone asteroids. Now its just a matter of “unlocking” them.”

“The world will never let you send the go-codes.” Carson said, trying to keep Etheras talking as he looked for options.. perhaps some way to get his gun back from Thunderhoof.

“They have no choice, James. The best thing about having the world’s most powerful transmitter, is that it can also be used as the world’s most powerful jammer. We can interrupt every radio transmission in the Eastern hemisphere. We own the airwaves. So I can trigger an attack, and countermanding orders will be unable to be sent. And in the event that they decide to attack this tower, all I have to do is push this button,” he indicated a small red ruby embedded in one of his earrings, “And the codes will be sent to ALL of the drones. The devastation would be apocalyptic. Nuclear winter would follow from all the debris kicked into the upper atmosphere and the earth would be plunged into a new ice age. The nations of this world will not to trifle with me, knowing what I can do to them.”

Carson was shocked. “What is it you want? Why are you doing this?”

Etheras’s eyes glowed in the light as he said “The world.”

Carson snarled, “My family always said ‘The World is Not Enough’”.

Etheras shrugged his slender shoulders. “There, Mister Carson, I would agree with you.” he said with a small grin showing very white teeth. “... but it is a start.”

Artwork by: NateDay

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    Very nice pose, and Etheras really works it!