Amethyst Beauty by Eskiworks

Amethyst Beauty


4 March 2015 at 10:54:25 MST

An extremely fun commission done for HaxarDragon, of her lovely hexadragon character belly dancing! As a former belly dancer myself, this was super fun to explore. A creature like this could bust some pretty kick-ass belly dance moves if you ask me, lots of potential on those four arms, two tails and luscious hips. Also, I made my own coin brush for this one and I feel stupidly proud of it. I don't often make my own brushes, but the ease with which this brush came reminded me that even now I'm getting better at using Photoshop. Kind of a nice reminder that each day you persist with your work, you're a better artist than the previous day. =)

13 hours in Photohop CS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

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    incomprehensible screeching sounds of delight

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    Oh wow she looks fantastic!

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    So pretty and fun! Lots of movement and lovely details you put in here, and the coins and tassels on her outfit swinging about, and that luxurious looking fluff on her tail flowing about gives a lot of life to this piece :D

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    Holy crap I love how you shade, especially the muscles, dang!

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    This came out great, Eski!

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    Have to fave this here too because it's BEAUTIFUL.