TeaFeathers - Sa'Dimali Snake Wrangler by Eskiworks

TeaFeathers - Sa'Dimali Snake Wrangler


23 March 2017 at 17:48:49 MDT

Work for the future TeaFeathers art book, funded through Patreon! Here we have an Alecani hailing from the Sa’Dimali, a tribe of fierce desert dwelling Alecani and Pylura. They have a close relationship with snakes. Whether for food, companionship, or worshiped as earthly heralds of their revered snake spirits, they are a part of the Sa'Dimali's daily lives.

This individual is equipped with the things an Alecani needs to go hunting for giant snakes; water skin to stay hydrated, various anti-venom vials in case of a bite, catch pole to safely handle snakes, and of course a snake skull earring (whose hollow fangs double as the injection mechanism for the anti-venom).

Each month in which patrons vote for me to work on the TeaFeathers art book, I'll do a series of sketches and at least one full finished piece for the book. This month I’m working on an illustrated short story, which I’ll publish next month publicly.

Want a say in which project I work on? Vote, get work in progress shots, and photoshop files of finished art work as a patron!


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    This is a lovely illustration, kudos to the artist !

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    This is both cute and awesome!

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    Ooh, nice poses here!

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    Mighty impressive! Both the art and what's depicted!