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Resonance Tetralogy - Fracture by Eskiworks

Resonance Tetralogy - Fracture


I am so pleased to announce my involvement in a wonderful anthro fantasy book series written by Hugo Jackson and published by Inspired Quill, the Resonance Tetralogy! I picked up illustrating the covers at book two of the series, titled Fracture, which is now up for pre-order Amazon. You can read book one now, and then check out this one with my art on it comes September 23rd!

Book one: Legacy -

Book two: Fracture -

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    Ooh, a pangolin! I love the detail and shading on his plating~

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    Beautiful scenery and great character design! =3

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    Incredible! The first book of the Resonance Tetralogy was one of the first books I ever got when I first got the kindle. That was a long time ago, during the debut of the kindle. I been waiting for the sequel for so long that I practically forgot about it. But out of the blue, not only is the squeal right around the corner, you have also done this lovely cover for it! I’m so stoked! I already preordered the book the moment I saw the links in your description. As I wait, I might as well brush up on the first book. Your cover is so magnificent and wonderful. It really makes me excited for the next adventure.