Tribe Profile - Noc'Dimali by Eskiworks

Tribe Profile - Noc'Dimali


3 March 2016 at 11:02:37 MST

Time for another tribe profile! These guys are a little different than most tribes, as they don't have a large official established territory. They do have areas of forest that are unofficially considered theirs, but they are often part of other tribe's territories. They integrate into every territory, and live fairly secretive lives.

Pylura and Alecani live in an integrated society, and have been for so long that they've evolved similar looks for their adaptations to each territory. Alecani are the winged canines you see here, more information can be found on their species profile. ( ) The Pylura are the cat people you see here. Though not winged, they are highly intelligent scientific minded animals, who value curiosity and knowledge (species profile pending). The word "Dimali" means "people", a word separate from their species identity to denote they're part of a specific group. There are ten primary tribes that control the continent this story is set, each one with unique cultural and physiological traits!

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    These might be one of my favorites! Love their colorations and their part of lore here c:

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      Ah, thank you so much! :D