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Eskiworks on Patreon!


21 September 2015 at 15:59:29 MDT

I've been debating opening a Patreon for ages, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it! This Patreon campaign is aimed at affording me time to work on personal projects, such an my world of TeaFeathers. The vast majority of my creative energy is spent on making commissions; bringing other people's ideas to life with my skills. While I thoroughly enjoy working on commissions, I do lament my inability to really dig my teeth into projects and stories that have been in my head for a long time. This will benefit anyone who is interested in those projects, because I may finally have the time to make them and produce them for sale! Comics, illustrated books, themed print series... I have a lot in store if this goes over well.

If you're curious how I've set things up and what I have to offer, please check it out!

To be clear, this will in no way impede work on existing and future commissions! If you're a client of mine awaiting art, let your mind rest on that topic. I also wish to assure opponents of the Patreon system that this is not a paywall! All finished art created with Patreon funds will be posted publicly. In fact, this will assist me in making new content for people that's been waiting to come to fruition for years! Patron rewards are instead geared towards offering physical rewards for your patronage, as well as other exclusive opportunities.

Thanks everyone for taking a look! I'll be at Rainfurrest this weekend handing this piece out as a free 4" X 6" postcard at my table in the dealer's den, table #36 -

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