Aerial Sierra Den by ElrondDrakendil

Aerial Sierra Den


12 August 2015 at 17:24:59 MDT

A custom single character watercolor for Merlin of her kangaroo incubus, Sierra Den! I was given free reign with the pose and setting (minimal background) and so I chose to go for one of my favorite circus apparatus: the aerial silks! I really wanted a pose that could show off his lovely… er… wings. Yes, wings.

They are quite impressive, no?

Watercolor on 9"x12" cold press paper.

Character © his owner, art © myself.

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    Wow, I like this a lot! Great colors and great pose. :D

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    Woah, that's a really good rendition of him.

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    Is this going on FA as well? If so, she's "merlin-the-bruce" there, but I still haven't persuaded her to get a weasyl account as well yet.

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      I will be posting it on FA eventually, and when I do I'll be sure to tag her! Thanks!

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    This is gorgeous. I really love the color pallet, it's hard to make that much red and that much blue in so close to primary tones look good but this looks fantastic! I just started doing aerial yoga/ribbon dancing and ho-boy, is that a super challenging pose! Good for Sierra Den! I can only imagine the nightmares of having to add two more limbs to the poses.

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      Thanks! I cribbed this pose off of a circus acrobat—it sure looked challenging to me, but it actually provided the best base for translation to a digitigrade, winged person! XD Anyway, thanks again, and sorry for the late reply!

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    Much as I'd like to collect it, it belongs to merlinthebruce