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There's way too much vectors in this place!


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Commission update

Refer to my page for the update on prices.

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$ 10.00
Flat Color
$ 15.00
Full Color (full background)
$ 30.00
Full Color (simple background)
$ 25.00
Reference Sheet
$ 35.00

The prices are based on a commission involving only one character, there is a +10$ fee on b&w/flat colors for each additional character and +15$ for full colors.


It's simple, here's a few steps:

1: Send me a note over FURAFFINITY or F-LIST, stating in the subject of your note that you wish for a commission, and then writing what you'd like for me. Please be as DESCRIPTIVE as possible: as much text, pictures and other references are always good to me, the more the better.

2: I'll reply to you to see if I got everything right, and if so, i'll do a sketch. The sketch is FREE OF CHARGE, you will not owe me any money for me doing it. I'll send it to you, as a way to check if I got your commission right. We can change that sketch until you're happy with it.

3: Once you're satisfied, i'll ask you to pay the price of your commission. See the list of prices above. PAYPAL ONLY, thank you ! Do not forget to pay as good and services, it's very important !

4: Once I receive payment, i'll start on it on the shortest delays. You are welcome to ask me on its progress anytime.


About my art:

Any and all commissioned art can be reproduced at your leisure. It is YOUR art, you can slap it wherever you want. You can also modify it later on if you wish. Same for any and all commercial use: once it's yours, it is yours. Made a million dollar company with it by selling t-shirts? Good for you ! All I ask for is that you're clear on where the art comes from. That's my only strict rule, is just saying the author of your commission.


I understand that sometimes, not everything goes right. You suddenly go short by the end of your month, you totaled your car, ect. Please keep in mind that I DO KEEP YOUR COMMISSION IN MY BACKLOG, and it keeps increasing. Once I get a certain number of commissions, I STOP TAKING MORE OF THEM, and you might prevent someone able to pay right away from ordering a commission. Obviously, I will ask regularly about your current situation, and see if you're still up for it. DON'T KEEP ME WAITING ON IT IF YOU CANNOT PAY. I understand that there's unfortunate events, but keeping me on "yeah it'll be better soon" just doesn't quite cut it. There's other people on the line, please be mindful of that.

Same goes on my end: there can be events and problems that might occur in my life and delay your commission for a certain time. Know that I will ALWAYS notice you about that, and i'm happy to discuss arrangements if you find the delay unacceptable. Like everyone, I have a life and it's not the smoothest of rides.

The no-nos

I won't do gore or scat, period.



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    Followed because you're the first person I've seen to draw that character's fanart.

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      Thanks! Honestly I never thought i'd make it as one of the first. ;3;

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        Very, very few people have drawn fanart of that character. There's tons of Toriel, Papyrus, the shopkeep bunny... Catty... Mettaton... but there's been few pieces of that character and yours was the very first I could find!

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          I'm sure a lot will pop out soon.

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    You're most very welcome

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    rawr Mrs spankypants X3

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      I'm not DX

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        just look at your most recent artings! it has been and always will be about the spanks with you!