Hey people, I've been hanging very low in the fandom recently but ive decided to just kinda go for it full send (as much as I can at least). After all, the only way to improve art is to just keep going at it!
I'm going to try and do commissions on the weekend since I wont be able to do them much during the week so apologies if I'm a little slow.

Also, my digital work is still a little spotty (still getting the hang of the virtual sketch pad) so my work will be in pencil unless asked for otherwise (just know it may come out a little sub-par if I do so right now).

Right now I may only be taking commissions for Fursonas depicting Canines, Dragons, Kangaroos, Raccoons, or things of that sort. I'm still practicing on the avian and sea creatures and I don't want to send out anything bad! I realize I don't have any prices yet and thats because I'm still figuring this all out and trying to get my name out there so if you DO want work done, it will cost little to nothing for the first few I'm offering out here. Just be aware that THIS WILL CHANGE and eventually the price will go up (I can't do freebies forever X3)

I am willing to do submissions of almost any kind, including NSFW but for the same reason as above I will only do some things and I apologize if what you are looking for is not within my capabilities or comfort zone at the moment.

It should also be said that I will not accept commissions from minors. If you are a minor I would advise you not to follow my page and not to commission art from me.

My sona's name is Roux and is some cross between a Fennec and just a whole bunch of other things I'm not really sure what at this point. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at
Have a great day!




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    Thanks for watching! <3

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    Hey thank you so much for following me! I would love to do a trade with you :)

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      I wouldn't mind doing that! I do have to give a warning though I'm kinda restricted to non digital work at the moment unfortunately

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        Not sure why this is unfortunate 🍻 Not a problem for me :)

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          Awesome! Do you have a Telegram or anything I can contact you by?

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            Sorry life is hectic Twitters best :D

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              Its all good! I dont really have a Twitter though unfortunately