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Animation experiment finished by xaotherion

Animation experiment finished


16 March 2020 at 16:59:36 MDT

Brand new work.
EDIT: SORRY, WRONG LINK! It's fixed now, check it again.

It is a result of experimenting, how should I make short animations in the "post - Flash era". The overall experiment is not over yet, but the animation here is the first finished result.

The rough preview above does not nearly do the justice to the final version. See it here:

It is on YouTube too:

An important disclaimer: I realize that the flow of the hair is imperfect here. It's not exactly my fault – simply, the current hairflow simulation system in Blender3D is kind of half-baked, error-prone and difficult to get things right. For some background, the previous non-turntable animation I made quite long ago was set up within one week, the rendering took another week – but in between these, a month was lost to trying to get the hairflow to look correct! Which in the end turned out impossible, and I had to accept it being only about 80% correct. Even with this current animation, more time was used to try to get the hairflow look at least half-decent, than on other aspects of the work.

Luckily, the Blender developers are aware of this general situation, and improving the hairflow simulation is one of their goals for 2020.

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