i`ll get there by DragonJuno

i`ll get there


26 November 2013 at 22:09:47 MST

drawn while listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snPnUtkyrmc

<i>-where do you think you are going?

-i`m going there!

-you were told to stay here! besides you don`t even know if you`ll made it in time

-i`ll get there, these wings aren`t just for showing you know</i>

time for another fake screenshot :) what would you do if you suddenly discover that a lot of people you care about are heading directly into a deadly trap? you know you are not ready for the dangers you may face, but would you stay without doing anything?

this is kinda the situation behind this escene, imagine the tension of the escene as Vyse rush there is order to save his friends who are getting ambushed at that same time, thats why i chosed that song, looked ideal to me xD

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    I'd personally use "show" instead of "showing", but that's me. Otherwise, looks really good! I love when people do these fake screenshots. It looks pretty real! ^_^

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      thanks for the advice :) . and even more thanks for the comment!, yeah, i love doing these screenshots ^^

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    I really like these fake screenshots as well! They make me wish they were real ;-;