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TLoV - Spyritus Vyse Ryujin -unawakened-


3 January 2014 at 18:29:07 MST

Name: Spyritus "Vyse" Ryujin
Age: 10 years
Affiliation: Legazy
Race: Ryujin (White Dragons)
Hometown: Crescentia

Background story

Spyritus Ryujin, better know to everyone as Vyse, is the protagonist and tittle character of Blaze Legazy: The legend of Vyse. He is the last know member of the Ryujin tribe, a legendary race of white dragons that existed since the beggining of Van`Gard. Vyse then grew up, unknow of his linage for most of his childhood and of the strange mark imprinted on his back, wich link him to an old prophecy wich foretells the coming of a being that would have in his hands the power to change the course of that age; The Blaze Legazy.

Due to the prophecy foretelling that the Blaze Legazy would born from a white dragon that would hatch soon, the creators of Van`Gard sent their guardians to exterminate the white dragons of crescentia to stop the birth of the hatchling that would become the blaze legazy in fear of his survival would repeat the events that lead into the first etherial wars, where the previous blaze legazy altmost brings the destruction of the world.

Thanks to fast acting the newborn Spyritus survived, and was sent to the far western continent away from the genocide, due to the white dragons being the most pure and linked race to the heart of the world, their killing causing several natural disasters that shakened Van`Gard, an event that would be know as the great shattering, eventually spyritus was found by Lord Reiss; the owner of the White Hog, one of the last functional titanic trains, now a safe heaven for victims of the shattering, and name him Vyse, the young whelping would quickly become best friend with another orphaned victim of the shattering, the small Tora Skye ( )
Vyse spent the next 10 years living in the White Hog, wich moving from one place to another, until the day of his 10th birthday, where his legend would begging...


Vyse is young and playfull, always willing to help others and happy to be usefull even with his unability to perform abilties, curious by nature and a little naive too, though very intelligent and a excelent strategist and courageous, traits that have helped him to lead the wild kids (a small pack of orphaneds from the shattering that also lived in the white hog).

Unawakened form:

this form of Vyse is know as the unkawaned dragon because of the severely weakening of Vyse powers due to the low etheria emanations of the western continent, and Vyse unable to generate etheria by himself until maturity, the traits that identify Vyse as a dragon,like wings and horns arent present, imposible to actually identify him as a dragon, and due to being a newborn dragon when he was sent to the western continent Vyse himself wouldnt know what he was untill recent events, this is also the cause why he was unable to perform even the most basic abilities ( a term used for skills that use the elemental etheria of the land in order to create certain phenomena).

Even though this is his weakest state, it has helped Vyse to remain hiden; due to his lack of etheria generation and the White Hog being in constant movement, from the guardians of the world, who still search the lands in search for any remaining white dragon.

so we finally get into Vyse background story and description, also getting to know his birth name at last, little by little we are getting into the legend of Vyse novel.

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