The (un)flight of καλλίστῃ by Draekos

The (un)flight of καλλίστῃ


30 January 2014 at 15:44:56 MST

oh Ira, it's a good thing Claire is cute, because she seems to have killed the engine. Again. You'd think a piloty bee would be better at this.

Also, turns out Irick and I are both fans of Last Exile. I totally need to get around to watching the sequel.

art and Claire are mine
Ira is Irick's

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    I thought I recognized that! Such a good but confusing show.

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      Rewatched it recently(ish). A second run through makes the series far less confusing. In hindsight, I should have been faithful to the hourglass motif of the series.

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        Oh, I found out I got a LOT more of it than most of the people around me did the first flythrough. Then again I was aware of the insanities of 18th and 19th century warfare and was familiar the idea that societies with scarce resources would engage in ritualized combat in order to avoid total war but...

        ...Up until the last episode I was LOST on why any of it had started in the first place :P

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          oh yeah, I was scratching my head over Alex and the Silvana and the... everything going on there the first time round... then again, I also watched subbed the first time (dubbed the second)

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    Last Exile? I should check that out soon. When If first saw this, I thought of Steamboy.

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      I'd advise it! It's one of my favourite animes

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    Kallioty? I can so not figure out how to spell that in roman letters. Seems like there is an issue though... Nice art, troubled mechanics!

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      It's greek. Translates as "pretty one"

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        Aha! I see. That makes perfect sense. :3