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A Conversation with the Darkness by Doran Eirok

A Conversation with the Darkness

Doran Eirok

If you could meet your darker side, what would you say to him? What would he say to you?

Just some interesting reflections on Dark Doran, and what it might be like if he and my more usual fluffy self were to meet one another in person somehow. They're opposite sides of the same coin, and they both know and accept this. Both a little nervous of one another perhaps, and what the other represents, but much more curious than frightened.

For all that I may not always feel like the most emotionally stable or stress-free person, I like to think I'm pretty well-balanced with myself and the various parts that make up a Dorey are in harmony with one another.

So for all that I'm a lighthearted and harmless cuddly goofball, and he's more of a wraithlike vengeful spirit that moves in darkness and stomps on people, he's pretty cool and we've got a lot in common. We're gonna get brunch next week.

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    Awww wow... this is amazing Dorey - I love how the darkness shrouds Dark Doran, and how his lines are like a glow in them. What would I do if I could meet my dark side? *smiles* I think very much this... just embrace him and thank him for making me who I am.

    Star Trek TOS had a really good episode about this called "The Enemy Within", which was from 1966. A transporter malfunction split Captain Kirk into his two halves - light and dark. As it turns out, they could not exist without the other - it was their combination that make Kirk what he was.

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      Thanks! :) It seemed like an important meeting to show, with all this exploration I've been doing... show both sides getting to meet each other. That's really how I feel too... for all that he's a bit scary, he's an important part of me that I'm delighted to be getting to know better.

      I know the episode you're talking about! I'm slowly working through my TOS discs in my limited spare time, but that's one of the ones I saw a little while ago. I did find it very interesting, and it does have a lot of relevance with respect to this. 'Good' Kirk without his darker side was too passive and uncertain to be an effective captain, which I thought was a really neat and important element that they don't always think to include in stories where somebody splits and has a dark side or evil twin or whatnot. You really need the full package to be a complete and balanced person.

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        Yeah, that episode was fantastic for that - showing that the two sides were necessary. Usually it's just an evil side and a good side, where the good one is fine on its own. In this case it was that the evil Kirk was less evil, and more impulsive; he had all the will power, initiative and passion. The good Kirk was more the empathetic, gentle and soft-spoken side of the captain.

        I would imagine it's somewhat similar with Dark Doran, only that he's more of a result of Dorey needing to let loose sometimes. Still, he's such an awesome idea. :) Still waiting to find him looming over the bed some night. XD

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          Yeah, I really like that about that episode. It really shows the whole picture. And yeah, I think it's definitely similar for me. Without the influence of Dark Doran, I think I'd definitely find myself erring on the side of being rather meek, quiet, shy, and a bit useless. I often tend that way anyway, so my longer-term hope is that exploring Dark Doran can help me work toward a slightly better balance. :)

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            nodsnods That and admit it.... you also look forward to testing some of his abilities on friends. ;)

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              *grins* That is indeed a hope, as I learn to integrate with him better. ^^

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                So.... I can expect to be jumped from the shadows from this point on. nervous but happy whimper