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Doran's Sign by Doran Eirok

Doran's Sign

Doran Eirok

The front sign is the person I try to be.

The back sign is the person I fear I am, on my darker days.

This was inspired by Sidian's ( ) idea here ( ) for a personal sign that warns those in our lives of our own flaws and shortcomings, although I thought it would be neat to try and show both sides of the issue. Being a Dorey involves both good things and not so good things.

For me at least, the bad side certainly has at least a small element of my simply feeling whiny and sorry for myself from time to time, but this isn't meant to be depressed vent art. It certainly isn't inspired by any particular event or recent feelings, as the idea's one that I've been intending to draw for probably a year or two now.

Much more than any of this, it's intended to try and convey what makes a Dorey a Dorey, at least in an abstracted and simplified sense. Warts and all. I try to put my best paw forward and show the world a happy face, but I'm not without my personal struggles.

A few words you won't find on either of my signs; jealous, cruel, sarcastic. For complicated and personal reasons, this is a fact that is desperately important to me and that I take a fair bit of pride in.

This is an important piece to me. I think I spend a lot of my life feeling like I'm just wired up quite differently from most people around me, I suppose everybody does to an extent, and it's always been an important thing to me to try and explain to other people just what it is that makes a Dorey a Dorey. So... here you go. This is me. Nice to meet ya.

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    This is a really interesting idea. I can understand a lot of the things you're trying to do here, though of course what I'd state would probably be quite different and maybe portrayed in a different way.

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      *nodnods* I'm glad you think so. :) Yeah, it's a very personal sort of thing, I'm sure each person would have different concepts and different ways of expressing them. :)