Larry the Pelican by Doran Eirok

Larry the Pelican

Doran Eirok

25 June 2013 at 06:14:40 MDT

(April 2013) Meet Larry. He's a brown pelican fisherman/beach bum from the Florida Keys. He is lazy, laid back, friendly, and a derpy eccentric goofball. He will almost never be seen without his battered fishing hat, fishing pole, a bottle of Corona and a violently colourful Hawaiian shirt.

Drawing this guy has been on my to-do list for a few years now, so better late than never I guess! He's been inspired by all the many trips I've taken to the Florida Keys to go fishing with my parents. I really love it down there; it's a fascinating and surreal place and I have a lot of happy memories from those islands. One of the highlights of the environment for me are the brown pelicans who show up by the fish cleaning tables to beg for scraps after a good day out on the water. They're so graceful in the air, and so hilariously goofy waddling around on land. I love them, and I dedicate Larry here to all the joy and amusement they've given me over the years.