The Price of Dreams by Doran Eirok

The Price of Dreams

Doran Eirok

11 June 2018 at 05:26:53 MDT

I'm getting a fursuit made by and I am constantly really really excited for this. My brain has been enjoying picturing the whole process as being magically transformed into my dragon self. Just... very slowly. And with all the usual costs and considerations associated with fursuiting. So one morning this idea wouldn't leave me alone and I had to sketch it up.

I like to think I'm going into the process well-informed and with my eyes open! But fursuiting challenges aside, this is a dream coming true for me and I'm pretty well convinced it'll easily prove to be absolutely worth it. ^,,^

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    I know how this is with a suit for, everything. Even the blue fluff bit.

    Also relatedly sometimes have conversations in my head of "become your true self at a price" with the price being something dumb and important (eg. my ability to draw) and those mental conversations are never productive. > w>

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      Heheh! I don't actually have my suit quite yet, but I've done enough research and heard enough from other suiters that I like to think I'm going into it with my eyes open. ;) And yeah, problems or not, it totally seems worth the price to be able to be your true self for a while.

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    Stuff like this makes me think getting a suit might be worthwhile, despite the Florida heat.

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      So far I've only worn mine at a convention in Scotland in November, so I can't speak as to how much of a difficulty the Florida heat would pose! But I'd imagine that you'd largely want to stick to suiting indoors in air conditioning, and even then remember to rehydrate frequently. It really does feel special though, I'm happy to report now that it's finished and I've had my first chance to wear it at a con. :)