what's that? you want an osha? nope, all mine! by dopy

what's that? you want an osha? nope, all mine!


23 May 2013 at 13:23:27 MDT

Drawn by my love syntex.

I can't believe she drew this for me, I had a horrible day at work and she changed my mood around in a milisecond with this drawing right here. This is BEYOND adorable, the pile of oshas are so amazing, I love all the details in this piece, espescially the details in the eyes, they look so wonderful! The one looking up at me with a smile is the cutest one, but they're all so darn adorable, I love the two sleeping on my shoulders, I love how some of them have tuffs of hairs and pink bows in them, it makes them even more cute, the one trying to hug my leg is so so adorable, I wish I could hug him aswell, but a man can only hold so many oshas at once! this is so cute, I love the cynda on my girlfriend's lap and her smug face, I love how happy I look, though in real life i'd more than likely look even happier if I had a chance to hug a whole pile of oshas. I wish I could have one.. or a bunch... these are so darn adorable baby, you put so much work into this and it came out great, I love how pokemon-like they look and how much effort you put into this, it really really shows hun, you spoil me way too muchw ith all this art, and I love you ever so much, I can't possibly thank you enough for all the work you put into stuff like this for me, you really know how to make me happy hun, thank you ever so much.. I mean that...

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