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Key feathers by Dirtiran

Key feathers


This is a pretty personal drawing

It’s been a long time coming, but it will probably seem a drastic change considering how long I have used Dirtiran.
Recently I have had a lot going on, I have lost a lot. With so much need to self reflect, I feel Dirtiran just does not fit me at all any more on a personal level. And so, Key now gets a chance to grow :)

Fragile she is. Not so trusting as Dirtiran.

These pale feathers represent me, and I will moult them as they are damaged and move on.
The Keyhole is the access to my thoughts and creativity, which I am always happy to share :)

(P.s, never fear Dirtiran is going no where and I will still draw her!)

First artwork of Key Feathers can be seen here :
(refresh for small fix on leg)


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    Beautiful character design only made more so with the deep personal symbolism behind it. Delightful!

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    Key has always been one of my favorite character of yours. Not only for the subtle aesthetics, but the air of mystery she emanates as well. ~♥

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    I love this character. And I do hope whatever it is you're going through will be solved. <3