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Terms of Service

I will NOT draw:
Diaper (soiled or dirty)
Internal Shots.

Important Notices:
I have the right to refuse service to anyone at any given time.

I will be opening a set number of commission slots based by their category. Information will be found in my commissions Journal (to be linked later). I will have only that amount available at any given time. If you wish to further inquire or claim a spot on a commission then I will put you into the waiting list.

I do not work in order of commissioned. It is not that I do not care to keep the order its due to what inspires me the most, and which will be the quickest t be finished.

Your commission Will/Maybe posted to other sites and galleries, based upon the situational purposes of the commission. If you wish for the image to be a private image then let me know before hand so that I can abide by your request.

The piece you commission from me is officially yours. With proper accreditation you may post it to other galleries, role-play with it, and print it for personal use. Use it to what ever your heart desires EXCEPT you are not permitted to sell the artwork as merchandise. If you wish to do so then please contact me to discuss the matter legally. (Exception to statement above: If you are selling the character design and wish to include the art you may do so without discussing with me.)

If you wish to remain anonymous from a commission piece please speak up, if not your name will be placed on the post. This includes if you bought it for someone else or just yourself.

I DO NOT allow other artists to color my sketches without my consent. So please do not commission me for a sketch then go and commission someone else to finalize it without proper consent. I have a list or authorized artists if you wish for a piece to be colored.

Payment is only accepted in USD (United States Dollar)

Payments will be accepted as the following.:
Paypal Payment
Game exchange payment.

At least half of the payment is due upfront unless I have stated other wise or it is a larger scale commission over $50USD. Before I request payment you may ask to see a pose sketch of the piece you are asking for. This sketch will not be detailed and will not show any type of character definition. It is a show of the pose, not the commission.

If your payment is delayed beyond the date of agreement your commission will be moved back down the waiting list.. Failure to make the payment within a month of the agreed date, without proper contact and you will be removed from the list completely.

DO NOT send a payment without approval of the commission first. Any thing that has not been accepted as a commission is considered a donation. I would not like to have any confusion in the process.

ALL PayPal payments will be done via invoice, and will be charged a tax for tax purposes. Since this is an income I use it to file quarterly taxs.

(Please keep in mind that for a turn around times may vary based on the complexity of the image.)

Simple sketches can be done within 7 days.

Larger commission may take up to 2+ weeks depending on complexity.

The factors that also go into this are that I do NOT work on commissions in order that they are received, EXCEPT Reference sheets. Reference sheets will be worked on in order received.

I prefer not to give exact dates that a commission will be finished, due to the possibilities of real life issues complicating a time frame. I will give you an estimate on when the commission might be finished.

Reason being is that I never know How long the piece before yours is going to take, what edits may need to be changed, or other details that could extend the timeframe.

There is a sketch of the pose that can and in most cases (unless it is a wing it.) that will be shown before the first payment/ full payment will be made. Again it has no character detail shown and is only for pose purposes, and only your pose approval. After that has been shown you are either allowed to decline the pose concept, or make the agreed upon payment arrangements.

You will receive at least 3 WIPs before the commission is completed to ensure the commission is too your liking. If you wish for them to be a surprise that is also an option as well.

WIPS that will be given are
1st: Basic posing and detailing
2nd: Rough sketch of the bodies and hairstyles.
3rd: The completed rough sketch, Showing the characters and optional outfits.

Wips will also be sent if I am unsure of something dealing with the image at hand.

I will only be doing two full revisions for commissions under $20. If an agreement after the two revisions can not be made then other options (such as a refund) will be discussed.

For commissions over $20, or 4+ characters revisions can/will e made to suit the commissioner’s needs. These will be discussed between me and the commissioner based on the work that is/would be at hand.

Refund Policy:
A full refund may be received IF:
~ A sketch has not been made or received in good timing, ie the commission has not been STARTED in a suitable amount of time. This timeframe can be discussed with me depending on the type of commissions.

~ If you are unhappy with the Pose sketches, and I will only do 3 attempts to these pose sketches.

~ If the sketches have yet to be started, and you request a refund you will get a full refund.

~ If the picture has moved past the sketch stage YOU will NOT receive a full Refund.

A Partial refund maybe requested IF:
~ You request a refund past the 2nd WIP stage. Reason for this refund will need to be discussed since the image is over half finished.

~ If I have already completed the image and it is already past the inking phase you will receive less then half a full refund. Due to me having completed over 50% of the work that needed to be completed.

Important announcement towards refunds: Me as the artist in question has the right to give a full refund on a commission at any given time. If I feel that my work is unsatisfactory and I decided that I cannot finish the commission. A FULL refund will be given no mater what stage the commission is in. So if I personally cancel a commission a full refund will be given regardless on the completion status.

If you are genuinely unhappy about the commission, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me about it.

Once a full or partial refund has been given, you have agreed to acknowledge the fact that I am no longer obliged or bound to completing the commission. This includes working on it any further.

I try to stay in contact with the commissioner as much as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please note/email me at

If you wish to have more then the initial 3 WIP, feel free to request another at anytime.

When the commission is finished I can/will either Email you a high-resolution .png image without a watermark. Along with the watermarked image that will have been posted to FA.

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    Oh. Where in Texas are you? If you do not mind my asking

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      I live in Austin/San Antonio Area... Right now though I'm east of Dallas

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        I live in the DFW area. Hence why I asked

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          Nice... I'm in the area but like... an hour and a half to the east XD

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            Well the DFW area is pretty big

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            Your name looks familiar, but I do not know where I know it from

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              I used to go to TFF until some legal issues and I am also know as Theunborn

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                Never been to that con