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You could descend like rain, destroy like fire, if you chose to. If you chose to.
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Hi, my name is Desi.
I like to grow things, talk to my cat, play vidjya games and - obviously - draw.
I'm a leo/capricorn, so I can be a bit challenging.
I'm queer as the day is long.

I might seem standoffish, but I promise I'm a pretty chill sorta chick, so feel free to start a dialogue with me!

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December Commissions - OPEN

on 28 November 2016 at 14:57:22 MST

December Commissions are Open. Refer to my FA journal for information on how to secure a slot!

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Character Paintings

$ 70.00
Waist Up
$ 45.00


$ 65.00
Waist Up
$ 40.00


$ 50.00
Waist Up
$ 30.00

Reference Sheets

RS - Deluxe
$ 125.00
RS - Standard
$ 85.00
RS - Super Deluxe
$ 160.00

All prices listed are BASE and subject to change in the final quote.

Reference Sheets -

Standard - Back and Front, 1 Portrait.
Deluxe - Back, Front, 1 Outfit, 1 Portrait.
Super Deluxe - Back, Front, Side, 2 Outfits, 1 Portrait/Study.

Each comes standard with flat colors.

  • Cell, Soft and Painterly shading available at additional cost.
  • Additional studies can be added for a price.
  • Over-complicated, or busy designs will accrue additional fees.

Illustrations -

Standard flat color and full lines, typically depict a scene out of day to day interactions, roleplay or otherwise. Simple background.

  • Additions welcome for a fee.
  • Additional characters have a base fee of $10 less than original base price.

Lineart -

Lines come standard with transparent backgrounds, or color filled (one color.) No background is included. Additions welcome at a price.

Character Paintings -

These come with a simple painted background (or none, per the commissioner's preference) and are a rougher render, much like concept art. Sharper renders can be discussed, but are inquiry based.

Icons -


Pages -



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    I have returned from the ashes and will be more active on here as well! XD

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    God I love your artwork so much ( + u + )

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    Thanks for accepting my friends request~
    I'll have my profile more set up with my characters and stuff as the week progresses. Having to make lots of alternative accounts to stay in contact with people hahaha.

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      Yeah, I hate that I feel I NEED to leave FA, but this last little oopsie on top of another oopsie makes me entirely uncomfortable with their web service, SO I GUESS I'LL JUST BE HERE AND TUMBLR.

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        Yea I completely understand and agree...I'm on FA for now, but still debating if I want to leave completely and use my other sites (Here, SoFurry, & FurryNetwork) instead.

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    Oh my gosh! Your art is awesome! <3

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      Thanks so much!