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Desi / Female / West Coast

You could descend like rain, destroy like fire, if you chose to. If you chose to.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
Requests: Sometimes
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Cheap n' Dirty! $16 Sketches

I'm feeling sketchy recently, and don't have them as a part of my normal commission pricelist, so here you go. Cheap, good quality, same day completion (hence the small number initially.) One per person, single subject, rating silly > mature. I'm pretty easy there! Comment or note to secure a slot.…

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$35 Portrait Paintings

Special I've decided to run because I really enjoyed painting that Ophios piece and want to do more. Standard 750 x 750, can squish 'em down and sharpen/touch up for use as a Furcadia portrait OR an icon on any 100x100 allowing page. I'm only taking a limited number of slots for these, 5 for starte…

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Egyptian Themed Goodies

I am...... wanting to draw some more Egyptian themed goodies, but fear exhausting my muse for Ophios, so I'm gonna open up requests here and offer some freebies of no particular level of completion (just whatever tickles my fancy at the time) of Egyptian themed characters if you have any. Spread th…