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Xerant D'Kor by Deriaz

Xerant D'Kor


20 April 2015 at 22:49:40 MDT

"I'm telling you I don't remember much about the turian you seem to want to locate. I just remember he was really tall-- Yes, I know that's vague, but believe me, you'll know him if you see him in a crowd."

A fun thing done on stream with Stigmata and Vernum to break through an art block. Xerant D'Kor character belongs to drkkaiser of SoFurry, I believe he's on mostly now, Turians belong to Mass Effect/BioWare.

Not sure why I chose Turians to break the block, but it seemed fitting what with a few people asking for one, and the Mass Effect 4 info in the news recently. Now's as good a time as ever to draw one! I forgot how odd their anatomy is, but I think I managed alright for the time spent!

Alchemy + Photoshop
Critiques always welcomed!

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    The slight color on the head is really a great touch to the monochrome painting of it...and I like the blur effect, once again! It's such a nice and subtle blur a sense of motion to the figure. :)

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      It's my little shortcut to get people to look elsewhere. I don't like to go crazy with it but it definitely has its uses! And I had to take a little bit of leeway on the markings -- the character originally has white tattoos, but it would have blown out some of the detail. I had to use a color to make sure the face didn't get kind of messy due to the addition of even more white.

      Thank you!

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        I think it works out wonderfully! :D

        And you're most welcome! :)

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    weirdass bug bird lizards

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      i love you garrus senpai and all of you turians youre all perfect and i love the way your mandibles twitch when you talk youre so coooooooool

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        garrus more like buff bugdad what a hot

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          Best character 2012 2013 all years any game ugh garrus too cool