Dive by Deriaz



2 August 2018 at 11:01:29 MDT

Painting for Adryx of his otter, Jax! A quick dive may startle the fish, but it's also a pretty efficient fishing method when you're a skilled swimmer...!

So much water. I'm glad I had been to an aquarium that had a tunnel under the water for reference for this one -- it helped me a lot, but I still know there's bits that could be done better, as I stumbled on a few points. Regardless, goshhh this one was so much fun to do!! Thanks, Adryx!!

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    I like the angle of the "camera" here, it shows off the swimming pose pretty nice. The water and fish are also very cool-looking! :D

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      That pose took me a while to get a good photo of. So many bad shots, including one or two of me falling over...! Hah!

      Thank you so much, keirajo!

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        You're most welcome! :D

        I think I understand the feeling, except I watched my sister fall trying to climb onto a kids rock to get a better shot of the underwater view a few weeks ago at the St. Louis Zoo! (I'm glad I always pack a first aid kit whenever I'm out with my sister!) chuckle

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    Beautiful! And it has just the right summer vibe for me ^_^

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      Just in time for the crazy heat wave... At least the east coast where I am is drenched and cooling off a little bit!

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        Here were I live it hasn't rained in weeks now, with heat and humidity at insane levels... not even some wind! D: