Dracona by Deriaz



6 April 2018 at 11:59:30 MDT

A conflict between heroes and the beast known as Dracona! The first piece I've done for Living Phoenix Entertainment LLC. and their game Archlight Online, which will be used as a client background/login screen. (I'm also going to be animating part of it! That will come in time, though -- for now, just the still image.)

Knighter approached me shortly after a transition over to Twitch about doing some work for them, and I definitely got intrigued at the possibility. With this one done, there's more in the pipeline for me to do in the future! I'll need to balance my time wisely between the team and my own commissions, but I'm excited to see what comes next, once I do a few modifications on this one for them.

You can download and check out Archlight Online for free here: https://archlightonline.com/

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Critiques welcomed as always!


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    IT'S A BATTLE SCENE!!!!! :o

    See.................now why aren't you working on D&D handbooks???--this is absolutely perfect to go in one! I'm glad that a gaming company is going to get good use from it--and future art projects from you! Congrats! :D