Eat a Snickers by Deriaz

Eat a Snickers


4 April 2018 at 11:38:12 MDT

When Myr (Myriaderoc on Twitter) hungers, he gets a little cranky, he's not himself. Keep him fed, and the city will probably be okay.

Some quick buildings and environment for scale, but mostly work on Myr! I'm still trying to be better with my shading especially along my edges, so everything doesn't feel so sharply defined. I'm still struggling a bit with it, but I'm making a few improvements here and there!


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    The glowy bits are really eye-catching on a dark colored character like this! I really like the mesh of scale and feathered scales, too! :)

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      Thank you!! I'm especially proud of those colored bits. They came out just right, I think.

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        You're most welcome! :D

        I'm glad they came out so well for you! :)

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    This is really sick dude. I love the rendering especially on the legs! I also really like the treatment of the feathers!

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    I would say that some tones get a bit confused on the arms. I lose a bit of clarity where that right arm overlaps the torso. I do really like the feathers but I think a bit more contrast could be added to accentuate the overlap of feathers. Awesome render job once again though! I think you have a good sense of edges and tone!

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      (Gonna reply to both here in one, if that's okay!)

      Thank you so much!! I'm very very happy with those thighs especially myself. And you're absolutely right on the feathers in your critique -- I stumbled a bit going back and forth on their contrast. Looking at it again a few days later, I think I agree with you. I need to do a study or three of some wing backs, perhaps!

      And YES that right arm, oh my gosh. It clearly gave me trouble, huh. I wanted it less detailed, because "you lose detail in shadow" and all that... But like the feathers, think I went a bit too far in the other direction? I'll try to be more aware of that in the future... I'm glad it's not just me. Thank you for pointing it out!! If someone else sees it, then it means I can do better at it.

      Thank you so much!! This is very helpful to me. I'll make notes to work on those points. <3 And I'm glad you like!!

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      [Aku eye lens flare intensifies].