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Spirit of the Forest by Deriaz

Spirit of the Forest


A commission for @Vel_ym of Twitter, otherwise known as Estragon. Spring is coming, and that means his plant dragon, the forest spirit, gets to be more lively!

The last BIG painting from MFF, one that I was both looking forward to while also being intimidated. Foliage, but everywhere? Even as his scales/skin? Yeah buddy, I'm down for that challenge! And I think I did a pretty rad job for where we wound up, if I do say so myself. Extremely happy just looking at this. I hope you guys enjoy it too.

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Critiques welcomed as always!

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    The leafy scales and the vine-like wings are really awesome! :D

    I also like the soft glow of the flower, nice and subtle. :)

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      Thank you! Estragon actually suggested the glow of the flower, so credit to him for that~ I've been trying to use a rule of three for my reds or striking colors in this and the piece of Izixs. I can't recall the name of the old artist who did that -- will need to ask Stigmata once he's back around the house, as he introduced me to the concept -- but thinking in threes sort of helps me make more sense of my image. I gotta use it more!

      Thank you~!

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        You are most welcome! :)

        All the tips you're getting are definitely helping you level up your art! :D

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    This green dragon is really something, both dragon as well as earth and foliage. I love the contrast of the red rose and eyes and the red light coming off them , while still muting the red so it's not too loud a complement to the green.

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      Balancing red is always tough for me, same with making greens varied. I always feel, at least with red, that pushing it just a little too far ends up making that area just feel... I'm not sure the proper word, "gaudy"? Always trying to be careful with reds nowadays.

      Thank you!! <3

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    Nice to see more plant dragons out there! We can be such a rare and elusive breed. =)

    What I really like is the use of stone/earthy material around the joints! Gives a very good visual interruption to the foliage and bark! I like the way the flower provides an additional light source, too!

    I would like to see the water by his knees a bit more blue, just to see how a dash of refreshing blue compliments the greenery taking place!

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      Ahhhh, so the idea of the material around the joints comes through! Good. I was worried about that as I was doing it, concerned it might be looking like it's fading into the background rather than being like a skin for him, the leaves being "fur" or what-have-you. As for the water, noted! A critique a while back from Vantid commented not to use so much blue, BUT I think you're also right here, in that I didn't use enough! Just a smidge would have helped balance the ground with the atmospheric perspective a little bit more, I think.

      Thank you!! (And you're right, more plant dragons are needed!!)

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    I find "Nature" designs can be very cool and this is the proof! ;-)

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      Awww, thank you so much!! I still really dig this guy even after all this time. I think he holds up pretty well, and I'm glad you enjoy him too!!

      We were actually contemplating doing 3 more of him, as the character's design alters a bit for each of the seasons. But Estragon is currently living in another country, so that idea got shelved for more important stuff right now. But maybe he'll come across my queue again in time. I certainly wouldn't say no~