Commission #85 - Brutus Busts (lines) by delusionalpuffball

Commission #85 - Brutus Busts (lines)


19 September 2020 at 13:28:05 MDT

Commission for zeeniawhitethorn @ FA. I had a blast working on this big boi.
They requested 2 busts displaying fin behavior (spooked and angry). This is just a reminder that I need to practice derg emotions lol xD

Brutus belongs to zeeniawhitethorn @ FA

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    The face has a really nice and unique look--I do love the expressions with the fins, that's a nice touch! :)

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      Thank you! <3
      I did struggle a bit showing their emotions. It's not my area of expertise lol xD

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        You’re very welcome! :D

        As I always say, practice will make better (because nothing is ever “perfect”, you can always improve)! :)

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          Very true!
          I've been minimalizing details lately though, due to hand issues. I tend to over work it so Im trying to work a bit on the minimal side. "trying" lol xD

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            It’s hard to cut back on something you love—even when it hurts. But trying is partway there! :)

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              That is true!
              I also grip harder when I do traditional, so I've been avoiding working on traditional pieces. But it's killing me because I can work way faster on headshots on paper than on my tablet lol xD

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                I know what you mean. I'm still doing my ref sheets and coloring by hand and with markers, because it would take me a thousand years to have time to sit and do it digitally! But ARTHRITIS makes it freaking hard sometimes to do either! XD

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                  I just bought a fat t h i c c pencil to see if it helps with my grip...won't help with overuse, but it's a start lol xD
                  OMG coloring by crazy lol xD But it looks better traditionally, something about the texture just...aesthetic xD
                  Oh man, arthritis is no fun D:

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                    Getting old suuuucks!!!! XD

                    I still love using all my traditional stuff. My linework is my proudest part of my skill. I still spend.......way too much on Bristol paper and markers! XD