Commission # 85 - Brutus Reference Sheet by delusionalpuffball

Commission # 85 - Brutus Reference Sheet


19 September 2020 at 13:29:44 MDT


Commission for zeeniawhitethorn @ FA. I had a blast working on this big boi.
Not only was this character extremely fun to work on, I'm very proud of how it turned out. I also played with some new texture brushes and I like how it looks :dummy:
This reference sheet is to show his normal colors/markings, his bioluminescence, scarring on both sides of his body, wing markings, fin behavior, and a different coloration when approaching an area of blight (I hope that's rightlol)

Brutus belongs to zeeniawhitethorn @ FA

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    He's got a really great color and pattern look to him! It's reminiscent of something that might've come out of the "Panzer Dragoon" universe or something! :)

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      Thank you! <3
      Ah I can see that. I haven't played Panzer Dragoon in so long, last I played was Orta eeeons ago on the original Xbox xD

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        You’re very welcome! :D

        Yeah! Orta was the last “newer” game I played, but recently they remastered the original “Panzer Dragoon” and I downloaded it on the Switch—such a great bit of nostalgia now in HD! :D

        Gosh, I still remember crying at the end of “Saga” emotional! :)

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          Oooo they did? I didnt know that. I have a switch too. How much is it for the remaster?
          Orta's ending made me so sad too, but then the other ending with the baby one made me feel a lil better xD

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            I think it was only $15. It wasn’t that expensive! They’ve got everything, too—the Pandora’s Box that lets you super-cheat once you beat the game even! And it looks gorgeous with the graphic overhaul! :D

            Team Andromeda really knew how to write a great story! :)

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              Thats not bad at all. $15 is a steal xD
              Are they still around?

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                Yeah! :D

                I don't think so--I think, like a lot of Sega's development teams, they're out of existence. I know some Team Andromeda members assisted with this remaster, but it was done by a completely new company.

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                  Sad. I wish they would revive and challenge Nintendo and take the crown xD