Innocent Sorrow 4 by Deludedchimera

Innocent Sorrow 4


26 June 2016 at 17:52:26 MDT

Feeling uneasy, solemn. Cairo walked sat in the park. The play area was small and was out of date. A Spider jungle gym unstable, rusted trash cans, swing sets chains along with a large slide that was left around. His leg shook making his foot tap the ground impatiently, playing a movie reel in his head the abuse over and over again of his mother. Hearing her screams…the fear the exhaustion…

“Why...did I leave it my room?"

Feeling uneasy, solemn. Cairo walked sat in the park. The play area was small and was out of date. A Spider jungle gym unstable, rusted trash cans, swing sets chains along with a large slide that was left around. His leg shook making his foot tap the ground impatiently, playing a movie reel in his head the abuse over and over again of his mother. Hearing her screams…the fear the exhaustion…

“Why...did I leave it my room?"

“I should’ve used it!”

Clenched fist reviled bottled rage forcing his body to stand. He didn’t know what to do with himself as his thoughts were in a spiral. Something needed to change soon… part of him wanted to cower like always and hope the situation would fix itself, the other wanted to fight but…it never showed to grow with him unless it was making deliveries. In that moment he made up his mind to stop running, face the problem and show EVERYONE he’s no longer the timid boy he once was.

"Aye...AYE!" Broke In the midst of his thoughts, Cairo noticed four older kids’ around him, yelling for attention. He immediately recognized one leading the group who name was Xavier. He always made time to pick on him in school, having no other reason since he's quiet all the time … rumors spread of them being in a gang made it no better.

"One of my boys seen you talking to that rat we was teaching a lesson yesterday. Bet you think you’re some bad ass cuz you don’t speak. Now you're hanging out with the enemy."

"Weak shit."

“ I-I just met him, He’s just like any other kid.” Cairo objected.

“You ain’t gotta crew, so you must be planning something. Bet yo goody goody ass narc’d on us the other day.”

Cairo was pushed back on the bench. “No. I’m not snitch…” The kids’ laughed and stared as he looked at their feet defending himself. One bully pressed his finger against his forehead forcing his head back repeatedly. “He’s such a flake.” Another quickly went into Cairo’s pocket taking five dollars. He sprung from the bench once more ready to get his money back.

“That’s my money! Give it ba-" The child grunted pain, punched in the stomach, falling like a rock tightly holding his gut coughing.

"What!? Didn't hear you!"

Shutting his eyes tightly seeing these older kids’ feet pretending to strike his face to see him flinch. "S'wut I thought." Fear held him a moment sitting on the ground quietly, feeling the same as he always did at times like these...spineless. His mind went to his mother who always called him a man. They do what's right, keep on their business, respectful...Most of all...they're strong.

"How can I call myself one...if I can't even defend myself?"

The older children chuckled and begin leaving, until they were stopped by someone bumping into one of their backs hitting the floor.

"I'm so sorry! I should've looked where I was going."

This voice was quickly familiar for the bullies turning to see it was the anthro they were picking on the other day. Cairo lifted his head recognizing that was Kai. They laughed seeing the apologetic cub.

"Yoooo! We was just talking about ya sewer rat. Did you enjoy your lunch yesterday? Kai nodded happily giving his usual upbeat smile." yup! But some man was cleaning and tried to scare me away when I was getting to the good stuff!" Laughter echoed from each child.

"Woooo! No wonder you stink! Guess we needa help ya out. One of the four held a water bottle uncapping it, pouring it over the cub’s head dropping the bottle afterwards. "Damn! Guess that ain't work either!"They all began hazing him just like in school. Cairo felt bad for Kai, this couldn't been the WORST time for him and to see his bullies go at him again...He wanted to help... But couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Xavier’s cell phone went off to hear someone on the receiving end. "Y-Yeah boss?"All four were quiet to hear only minutes later the call ending...

"Yo what's up?”

"Rae want us for something…"The four seemed immediately tense from that call. “D-Did she say what?” Xavier shook his head running off forgetting his victims’ existence. When that name was called, Cairo now knew in fact the rumors were true, and things just felt bad to worse. Eyes locked at Kai briefly. Cairo couldn't face him long, feeling how he just watched...

"Are you alright?" Kai spoke seeing the distressed child. Soon eyes lit up as soon as the rat’s paw reached out holding something familiar.

"Think this is yours."

“Is that my mone...How did you?"

Kai sat on the ground with Cairo ruffling the fur on his head, flickering water in every direction.
"I was in that human market and saw you outside and thought maybe, I could see how you're doing...saw they took what's yours...I took it back."

"Aargh. But I hate doing that though! It doesn't feel very heroic...Well, there's that story about that fox giving to the poor so maybe that counts?”

Cairo held his money listening to the talkative cub go on about what's right and wrong,
He gazed a marbled wall making the cub notice this wall towering over them reading. 'Here lie's Olivas bravest.' impressed, his paw pressed against it. "Woah...what is this?" The young rat asked with curiosity." This is wall of people who gave their lives during the outbreak between human and animals’ years ago…My father was one of them my mom told me." Cairo answered.

"Oh...What caused it? “The cub could only wonder as his interest grew. “Animals’ just one day went crazy. Others think it was meant to be a takeover to rule people..."The two went silent to only think of this tragedy. “I...I Bet he was a good man to you both...a valiant hero...who protected, shared his strength to those needed.”

Kai gave a warm smile, ogling the wall. Cairo looked to the cub and could feel some passion behind his words, but didn't know what to make of it. Out of curiosity Cairo asked. “Where are your folks?" Kai pondered.

"Hmmm...Dunno. Tonto found me and I lived with him ever since." Cairo recognized that name from school being in an office waiting for his mother. He saw this dressed tall grey squirrel irritated that people ignored him.

"Tonto? Is he this tall squirrel?" kai nodded." He's really nice you should meet hi-"

Kai paused himself. Chills suddenly ran down his back, fur standing on end. It felt like someone or something was around and it felt dangerous. Nerves slightly on edge, his head quickly pivot. "what is this feeling? “He asked himself checking his surroundings. Suddenly this ominous presence soon vanished."

“Hey Kai… Are you alright?" Cairo noticed the rat looked uneasy as if he just awoke from a nightmare. "Y-Yeah...I must have ate something bad hahaha." He smiled to avoid worry. "Maybe it’s in my head... “A boom soon shook the ground under them. Kai turned to the boy as they both felt it…soon to see a large male anthro bull terrier stood behind Cairo. Staring at the two in disgust like an unsightly scent. His muzzle was heavily bruised, bandages covering every side. The terrier without warning, foot bolted towards Cairo, Kai instinctively pushed him out the way sending the young rat flying into trashcans sending garbage flying everywhere. Things happened so fast… His body shuddered as he stared at an unconscious rat.

Quickly, the boy ran to Kai."H-hey Kai wake up." Agitated to the unresponsive cub, the canine watched and continued his disgust seeing him worried for this rat like this should be normal. “This must be my lucky day two for the price one! “A walkie Talkie in one paw, he spoke into it.
“Hey Cyan! If you hear this, I found that rat you been looking for. You betta hold yo end of the deal and find that damn Avenger!”

“Grant I know the deal, quit reminding me. Send him to me A.S.A.P.”

“Roger that.”The canine responded sing-songly grinning. Cairo was lost by his words in a panic thinking. "If I only brought it with me..."The canine approached the child, Cairo's feet felt glued on the ground.”What are doing Cairo!?Move...MOVE! “His knees felt weak. Grant gave a hearty laugh, glaring at the boy." if you're a good human and come here, I won’t maul ya to death."

Those terror-stricken words made the boy fall to the floor next to kai."Should've listened!" The terrier shown his claws, arm raised at Cairo, ready to fall on the child.

Suddenly a trash can lid blocked the terrier's attack, with Kai holding it.The impact stung the cub’s paws and shoulder, but ignored facing danger. “That’s some endurance! You’re definitely his child! “He chortled. Kai shifted his direction giving him his attention.


"OR WHAT!? YOU GONNA STOP ME!? THAT I LOVE TO SEE!” Grant lunged at Kai attempting to strike.

“No…WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? RUN!! RUUUN!!” Cairo shouted but Kai stayed focused. Chin down, Elbows tucked, knees bent doing something he wished he’d never do…

“Deep breaths…Remember keep calm…Time the moment… and ESCAPE!”

Tonto and Judy arrive at the park checking the area, to see no one was there...Tonto became more distressed.


Time felt short. Kai could be in danger…He’s smart and was taught how to avoid danger, but what worried him the most was his need…His need to put others first became the most concerning. And now of all things to happen now. “What if he’s getting Trapped or Captured? If he’s hurt…”Tonto wouldn’t think into it any further.

Judy seen his frustration, his body language spoke much louder than his words did. She took a moment to think, speaking with the squirrel.

"They're several places kids’ hang out but...walking will take so much time to get to them all at once..."Tonto didn't care, he was ready to get it underway to find kai."We should split up and cut our time in half." The squirrel suggested, Judy agreed. The two had no other choice but to keep searching in hopes that luck is on their side. So giving direction to the nearest hangout area, they were ready to set off.


The two paused. Retreating around the marbled wall as they heard someone come out of an ally. "They're just kids, let them go. “A teenager held against his will, wrist wrapped in rope, by two hybrid anthros. A smug looking golden retriever with purple hair and a brown wolf with pulled back slick black hair. Circled A's on their clothing “Traitors like you need to be put in a pike and displayed! Better be lucky it ain’t my call. “The retriever spouted. “Let’s get this over with Matthew, we still got a lot to Take- I mean liberate." The wolf spoke playfully as he followed from the rear of the teenager.

"They're taking people? What's going on-" Judy head turned to see tonto gone with his clothes left behind. She quickly looked around she spotted a feral squirrel scaling a tree...”Is that…Tonto?” She thought seeing him jump behind the brown wolf morphing. Carefully, this naked Squirrel gripped his muzzle locking his arm around the wolfs neck struggling only moments later fainting.

"Ha-ha Shit man you're right! After this let's get wast-" The retriever mix turned seconds later to see a fist colliding with his muzzle knocking out the retriever. Judy was amazed as she seen Tonto in was quick, quiet and swift…she wondered, where all anthros’ able to change feral? Walking toward him holding his clothing, she veered her head away giving back what’s his giving attention to this teenager as Tonto changed.

“Are you hurt?” Judy asked with concern, releasing the binded ropes around his wrist.

“N-no. Thank you…”

"Those kids’ you mentioned. Was there a young rat with them? “

Tonto wasted no time getting to the point. “I’m...Not sure...They were grabbing anybody. It was happening so fast. “The teen was in a panic to leave before he got captured again. Tonto grabbed the cautious teen in a hurry "Where is it? I need to know...."

"GET OFF ME! I CAN'T BE HERE! “He shouted struggling to break free. The persistent squirrel held his arm tight waiting for answer.

“This isn’t an option.”

Judy could see Tonto’s threat was making this much the teen frantic. His approach was out of hand and needed to stop.

“Hey I get you’re worried, I am too. But what did we talk about in the market? You need. To calm down. “As negative as his thoughts were becoming, he listened knowing being in panic could lead to a much worse outcome. Judy paused… Tapping the squirrel enough to give notice as her attention deviated somewhere else. All three glimsped this strange purple furry beast behind them.

Horns and hooves like some kind of Goat, Fangs sharp like of any beast a leather strap around his neck marked with circled A. Tonto recognized the appearance immediately, and remembered he was challenged to fight him underground not too long ago...must've mean he’s a slave from the start or owed a big debt to be in that position but relized...he gave his position away? Could that only mean?

"Shit..." Tonto spoke.

"This isn't good is it?"

The words slipped out as he focused if there's a way to get out without fighting, knowing he’s most likely will.

It isn't...we got to go now." Worry in his tone.



The beast whistled and held a high pitched note for all to hear.

"HE'S A SCOUT! WE GOTTA MOVE NOW!!" Tonto shouted ignoring the teen as they all attempted to distance themselves from this purple beast. It fell short when one anthro emerged from the corner holding a bat hearing its whistle ceased all movement. Tonto’s ears twitched as he listened …They weren’t the only two.

This anthro looked….strange. His body showed a wolf like appearance. Hair was Teal, Eyes almost matched Tonto. A long scarf wrapped on his neck. Antlers jutted from his head, curved like a ram.

“It’s been awhile…King.”

To see his blood covered weapon and beast around them made them all on edge. “Did he say...King?' Judy thought as she glanced Tonto. A face once of worry immediately cringed anger on the amber eyed squirrel cautiously taking a step back. Raising his fist he stood silent facing the danger in front of him.

"Ms. Smith...Please...Find Kai..."

"You... can't be serious..."

Smith soon felt it...The tension, his words behind it rumbled frustration. As easily he defeated anthros’ earlier, did he really feel he can go at these hoard of beast without a second thought?

“Even if we could, you can’t tell me you possib-”

“I need to know if he’s alright…Please? They haven’t attacked because they only want me…Right Cornello!?" The wolf hybrid chuckled hearing his name called.

“Didn’t expect you to cooperate so easily. Your cabbit friend on the other hand, Can be such a daunting task…We won’t touch them…But can’t promise all these boys will behave there selves when you come with us.”

Judy and the teen flinched seeing the goat hybrid passing right by them paying them no mind. The teen wasted no time and ran through the ally way Judy soon followed afterwards looking back feeling worried as well as cautious... Was it right to leave him? Could she trust him? She soon realized there’s a time and place for these thoughts. It was time to keep hold to a promise.

"Can you feel it...Are you ready for the great change? Expulsion is upon us king. His paws reached for the black smoked sky excited.

"Save the talk for someone who gives a damn."

Bang, Bang, Bang!


Hours have went by, the night was closing in. Taking the cub off his back here and there, Cairo knocked on door after door, windows and stores as loud as he could. Some seen the child and almost decided to help…But seeing Kai on his back made each person very weary and distant of the two children, pushing him away with either threats or warnings. Some even offered to take Cairo on one condition...He leave the rat behind…His reply to that… Running into the night.



“Deep breaths…Remember keep calm…Time the moment… and ESCAPE!”

Grant rage emerged as he took large swings, missing every shot. As large as he was, this cub could read every move without breaking a sweat.

“YOU LITTLE SHIT HOLD STILL!!” He panted and sweated.

Silent, distant Kai watched carefully of his next move. The Canines expression changed, eyes geared to Cairo running at him. Kai noticed dashing as fast as he could in front, Grant stopped, swinging his fist whacking Kai past Cairo.

“Well you made that too easy!” Things went blurry, knees wobbled but stood ready to continue…he fell flat moments after. A rock struck Grants head and instantly pissed him off showing Cairo shaken holding rocks in his hand.He acted without thought… “L-LET HIM GO!”Without planning… He approached baring fangs, this child still couldn’t move.

Eyelids shut he covered his face... Awaiting for his end to come. “CAIRO GET OUT OF HERE!!" His eyes opened in shock as he knew this voice it can't be. "M-MOM!?"His mother jumped on the terriers back, legs wrapped around him, attacking his bruised muzzle holding his neck to dear life. He screamed in pain, cursing this woman as he attempted to force her off.

"FUCKING BITCH! “Cairo took a stand and watched it unfold thinking. "What is she doing here? Did...she know I would come here? “His foot took steps back tapping Kai, to see he needed help and couldn't leave him there. But in the back of his mind kept knocking. “I...can't just LEAVE! Not her..." He could hardly think with so much going on around him. “GO! DON'T LOOK BACK!!" Heeding his mother’s warning, he placed Kai on his back running as fast as he could out of sight out of mind."Please, please, PLEASE! Let her be alright."Fright over his face, in his head pleading for her safety. He didn't know where he was going, he only knew he couldn't be here..."Gotta move forward. “He headed down an ally to see more men and women running, some even fighting anthros’ laughing and howling smashing vehicles, breaking in houses, marking walls with circled A's. His heart had skipped a beat to see there is more than one around here but he can't turn back the only choice... Is to go through...

Flashback Over:

“Get help, get help, get help! I have to do something!"

As time went on, Cairo was pensive and so very exhausted, running for hours listening to his mother’s words to not look back for a second. Dodging every beast while still holding the unconscious rat on his back, out of breath, energy his body gave desperate plea for him to stop. And sure enough he finally listened.

With the streets quiet on their end, he placed Kai Shakely, but gently on the sidewalk. Taking a moment to gain a bit of stamina before moving on. The child heaved large amounts of air in and out feeling his body just scream at him for overexertion.

A moment of silence tears begin to fall from his face with sniffle or two following. His neighborhood was in trouble, the whole city possibly was under attack he didn't care...The child sat there helplessly wrapping his arms around his legs feeling pressure. Hes felt more useless as the day went on. Couldn’t help his mother...AGAIN. Couldn’t stand up to his bullies...or even help defend this rat who helped him more than once...

Always afraid.

"I'm not a man...what am I?"

"P-please...Don't cry..."


Cairo wiped tears on his sleeve turning his attention to an awakened cub who smiled at the saddened child. Holding his head up carefully.

"I'm sorry...couldn't find anyone to help you...If I only moved away sooner from that dog...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.

The cub just chuckled.

"Hey, you did your best. I'm just happy you're okay...heh, you're stronger than any I've seen.

This child couldn't help become confused of his positive attitude and compliment. He must be confused, hoping he hadn't taken too many injuries with his fight with the large terrier earlier. But regardless of that, he could've ran like any other would’ve, but he stayed and he defended knowing it was a losing battle...he was grateful for what he's done for him.

"Kai...Thank you...for saving me."

"Hey, what are Heroes for?"


"Hehe,yup.They pick us up when we're down, giving us hope when all feels lost...heroes like us, need help time to time ...Also I wanted to see if we could be heroes together so."

With everything going on, Cairo could only stare at Kai. Not sure if he was joking or not about what he said...he couldn't help but form a little smile on his face.

"You're so weird."

Kai continued to smile and laugh once more from his comment, taking no insult from it.

"We're all different. Tonto always told me to be honest… Even if it makes someone feel sad about it. "

"He sounds really nice."

"He can act really serious, but he's super cool."

Back and forth the two spoke where they've left off from earlier in the park of their care takers having minds de-stress briefly off the events that occurred.

"Aren't you worried about him?"

"Always. Some days he will come home beat up...But I know his heart is strong...he'll be alright.

Cairo heard his confidence and it felt a bit...uplifting. The cubs smile never seem to falter. No doubt in any word he spoke. As dorky as it was, the child was simper hearing his thoughts even when things seemed at its worst. Kai winced forcing himself up as his body staggered to take weight.

"You sure you can walk?"

"Yeah, legs just fell asleep is all."Kai chuckled as the two were ready to set off to find safety.


“Sh-Shitty walkie…AYE TOBO YOU THERE!?”

Kai and Cairo went on alert as they heard a voice following static, only to see a lone walkie talkie behind them. The child sighed with relief. “Let’s get outta here…”Kai nodded and followed “yeah…” The walkie continued its static and a male kept talking.

“If you’re getting this, we captured Roke! So stop looking we have Roke!” The cub tuned for a moment as someone continued to speak.


Somewhere on the outskirts of Oliva, a black haired dreadlocked Komondor mix stood inside an old church watching an impatient amber eyed squirrel wrist zip tied behind his back next to a table. dirty and wounded up from head to toe from each beast taking pleasure beating him. A wolf hybrid watched him as everyone finished, giving a smile one leg folded, relaxed while enjoying sitting in a rickety chair.

“So I’m guessing you know what this is about?” Tonto had nothing to say.

“Few of these beast seem to have a vendetta against you from those fights you been winning. Some are just younglings because it’s that time of year for initiations! We're those special anthros’ prove they have what it takes to join...YOU GUESSED IT, Black Flag! And they welcome you king!

“Why are you here Cornello?”He could see the squirrel was blunt, in no mood for playing games.

“Came to warn you of some things...Tobos here. And he's itching to...well, let’s just say he enjoys being creative. Tonto was unfazed hearing the anthro warn him of this. "You came all this way, have your goons jump me, surround me with beast just to tell me that?"Cornello had no answers to that. He smirked shrugging his shoulders.

"Couldn't be helped. They look up to me SO MUCH IM A STAR...Anywho, Things got worse since you last left your position. And someone had to step up. Annnnd if you want to get out of this alive, you're gonna have to follow my rules as I'm sure you remember. But I have a plan to-"

"Not interested."

"You and that Cabbit never cease to amaze me. If Amaretto was here-"

"DONT.speak her name. You've lost that right to even mention her. Should've trusted my gut and killed you… I'm done with your games..."The wolf hybrid paw pressed against his temple groaning slightly, slamming Tonto’s head on the table. "YOU STUPID UNGRATEFUL FUCK! YOU STILL DON'T GET IT THEY’LL KILL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!" The Komondor pulled him away as he became aggressive signaling Cornello to follow.

"It's time to go." his snout started to drip blood to the floor his scarf on the table as his anger faded breathing uneven.

"Maybe... you should've killed me...But, I'm still here...Making a difference. Think it’s about time you do the same. Grabbing his scarf the two exit leaving someone in charge. The floor boards creaked getting louder and louder. The door opened, showing a canine wielding a machete in one paw a walkie in another. Fur as white as snow, eyes a greenish-blue hue, bones painted on his fur with a small red heart painted on his right breast.

"Remember me? It's been awhile King." Tonto hadn't recognized him and said nothing looking away pretending his existence was no more. “I figured you wouldn't… The name’s Cyan..."

His muzzle stretched deviously approaching him. “You fought with a brother of mine in a one on one fight awhile back...He was like any other animal. He wasn't perfect, talked a lot of shit and never asked for help. But still he was family…And you knew this still decided to torture him..." eyes went to this canine thinking he has hurt many but this...sounded familiar. But he couldn't place it.

"He pleaded. You just broke his legs."

"He screamed. You snapped his arm."

"He Cried. And you wrecked his face..."

It didn't take long for Tonto to know where this was going. A stained machete tapped his shoulder, Wrist tied behind his back, he could only wait for his opportunity to spring...Or find one fast.

"I'm not here to kill you yet. Oh no, no, no, you have to wait. Instead, I decide to finish what I started with your sister… As an added bonus! I found that rat that was with you on that day so not long now."

Tonto turned immediately and the Cyan lit up like a Christmas tree seeing him hit a nerve. 'Again?' He thought, and something clicked...He remembered this anthro mentioned. It was the same day he last seen his sister. She cried anger never wanting to see him again, telling him he is and always be a monster knocking tonto into the dirt. Those eyes… This canine’s painted heart...It Looked just like the one he seen on his sister and Kai…It soon hit this squirrel when Kai was in danger that day…She was as well…And didn’t think about it…

"Ooooh. She didn't tell you? She waited and waited for you to save her…But you never showed. A rat over family? That’s pretty low of ya. But fear not! Auctions are looking lively this time year, so when I get my hands them... They’ll be in good hands.

His body rattled. Cyan was ready for him to erupt without hesitation. The canine walked toward the door ready to leave feeling victorious...The squirrel...snickered. He laughed joyishly holding nothing back. This canine stood pondering, angry holding his walkie tight.

"I enjoyed it." Tonto spoke. "When I heard those screams, I wanted more and MORE! Sounds of his bones snapping sent me in ecstasy, even his cries for help I. ENJOYED. IT! He was crying out your name ooooh I how I wish you heard it.

Brief explosion rumbled outside collapsing parts of the church. He’s heard enough approaching gripping his bloodied weapon close and cackled, beaming excitement he was ready to sever his head clear off.


Tonto kicked him back knocking himself out his chair forcing them both to the ground. Quickly the squirrel stood rotating his arms to his chest striking his wrist against it until his tie snapped. Cyan tackled him as his blade fell, slamming him against the wall. The force broke the old wall knocking them into the main hall.

Cyan grabbed a sharp floor tile charging Tonto, stabbing his arm. His now free paws striked back grabbing the nearest object, retaliating with a cross on the floor. Back and forth they went at each other like maniacs thirsting for blood waiting for a slip up.

He seen his machete and jumped toward it, kicked away by the squirrel. Dirt threw in his face blinded Tonto grunting as he's stabbed by another tile.

Tonto clenched the arm stabbing him, pulling forward sinking his teeth into his neck. A kicked gut, striked temple knocked off the squirrel.

This squirrel pressed forward pinning him down pummeling his face over and over ghost stabbed him again and again. Tonto kept going screaming anger, ignoring pain, ready to kill him gripping his neck as his blood sputtered from his muzzle thinking of the horrid things he might’ve done with Kai even worse his sister.

Small arms wrapped around him, a voice muffled in his ears striking the figure with no thought. His head turned ready to pounce on another.


His entire body froze...His mind in shock and body quivered as he took a stand… walking slowly holding his bloody sides away from his enemy wishing, PRAYING what he saw wasn’t real as he seen Kai… on the floor, alone, unresponsive Looking much worse as the day he found him.

Realizing what he has done, Tonto couldn't utter a word with the mistake he made. He wanted to run towards him, it only made his stomach churn... feeling if he's already lost him. “Why is he here? Wh-What have done…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…please…It cant…”

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!! Don't...Come any closer.

Cairo’s voice halted a desperate squirrel from going further. Running to Kai in a hurry hands against the Cubs chest he inhaled and exhaled slowly. Cairo sighed with relief to see he wasn't gone... “I saw what you did…” Tonto stuttered trying to explain.

” I-I didn’t mea-“

“After all we heard…You enjoy torture …And you hurt him…HE CAME BACK TO SAVE YOU MONSTER!!”

Injuries settling in made the squirrel collapse backwards against a wall. Feeling his words shred what’s left of him. Thinking how they heard this? Guess In the end it doesn’t matter…He thought he could change…His sister was right… he was a monster.

Eyes closed, paws placed on his wounded stomach. He grunted giving a great sigh so very glad this didn't end like his previous thoughts. Fear, this boy had in his eyes... he always seen it whenever he lost control. With his enemies, Kai. A mirror on the wall showed his appearance.

His muzzle and paws covered in blood. His clothes torn with stab marks, shards stuck in his leg and arm...his silence was strength saved to reach in his pocket to extend his bloody paw. "May I ask a favor? C-could give him this when he wakes up?" fatigued, he presented a marbled wrist necklace with five Charms of animals. Two dogs, two squirrels and a rat in the center. Hesitant, he stared thinking he might do something. “P…Please? Eventually he moved to grab the necklace from the weakened squirrel.

"Are...You his friend?"Tonto weakly asked.

Cairo didn’t responded.

Tonto smiled giving a strained chuckled. "it’s been tough for him...He tries so hard to find someone to be his friend...He deserves some...he's...a good kid." Maybe because he was fighting, but the more he heard him spoke, his look became less freighting it made him wonder...what was he like before this. How could Kai have this much respect to come back and not fear him for what he said?

"G-get out of here. More beast are around...Get Kai help..." Cairo felt frustration as he said that. His attempts of someone taking Kai in failed more than once. Though this squirrel doesn't know the length he went through, he could see this child must've tried it and was rejected more than once. "Cedric… Stone." Tonto spoke. “A badger I take Kai to...long ago. He owe me f-favor he works at orphanage and shoul-“

Tonto and Cairo suddenly could hear beast banging outside bordered walls noticing the sudden wreckage.

“YO! WE GOT A SITUATION!”A Caine shouted.

“Get… OUT OF HERE! I’LL DISTRACT THEM!” Tonto screamed fighting to stand as things were looking grim fast with no way out… Wreckage blocked one exit and the other by beast. Cairo was in a state of panic. “Think,Think,THINK! There has to be someth-“

Soon he felt something blowing against his back, realizing it was AIR! His hands quickly swept away rubble and debris to find a door placed on the floor. Forcing the aged door open. The child ran holding Kai making their way down having no Idea if this was a good idea...But it’s the best he got.

Cautiously the two were inside to find it was a small damp basement that looked ready to collapse on itself for its age. But he could feel it, the gust of air hitting his face from a screen door. Cairo pulled away the door but stopped.

“Squirrel boy got loose!?” Beast rushed past him heading at the commotion, carefully he pulled the door grabbing kai once more FINALLY seeing freedom. Reaching a good distance from the church to think of his next move. “Where…Are we?” Kai mumbled resting against a tree. Twenty minutes passed, Cairo urged him not to move anymore.” Don’t move okay? Were safe…”He spoke unsure of what he said. He reached into his pocket showing him the charm necklace hoping it would ease his mind. “Tonto told me to give you this.” Kai held it when his mind was clearing. Staring at it more the rat trembled. He held the tree with all his might to arise, while Cairo tried talking sense into the rat.” W-Where… is he?” The child knew what he asked, but failed to respond. His unsteady body walked back to the church. “He’ll find us Kai!” With his injuries the fights and beast roaming never phasing him…The rat turned his head to Cairo never seeing this rat so distraught until now.

”He Won’t…”Kai shuddered holding out the charm.

“T-THIS IS HIS GOODBYE! IT CANT END LIKE THIS! “Collapsing on his hands and knees in pain, barely any energy left inside him, he crawled. “Please…Take me back…”

“And do what kai…? There’s a lot of animals around him…Y-You can’t even stand.”

“I’ LL Juuust try H-HARDER TO-“


Utter shock from their faces, the ground shook, and debris flew everywhere as they left only moments ago to see…The church exploded. Kai’s Body shivered uncontrollably staring into the flames and ash reached the sky.

“N-No... “The rats voice went meekly, gripping his chest as a sharp pain struck ...And screamed.


Cairo immediately jumped to panic knowing they weren’t safe just yet and a chance a random beast could hear his yell. And he was right. One anthro could hear the cub’s cry from the corner. A hooded beast with a large circled A stitched on his clothes came close.

Cairo hastily attempted to grab Kai but he wouldn’t budge…He grabbed anything he could find and threw it, but the beast kept moving. With nothing left, he held a stick unsteady on offense waiting for an attack until…The beast fell to his paws and knees pulling the hoodie back to show a male otter under.

“I was so close…I’m sorry…” he spoke.

Stumped from this sudden approach, he started to whimper and soon begin to cry. And his guard begin to go down seeing emotions spill.Kai could hear a voice he hasn’t heard in a long time.

“M-Mr.… Lucien?”

“I’M SORRY KAI!! I COULDN’T PROTECT HIM!!” He repeated himself over and over wishing it relayed to this cub…but no reply. He stared with tears in his eyes and great big smile on his face. “Where you been? I’ve missed you…” in no time he went motionless, raising panic from the two. He needs immediate attention and had no idea where the orphanage was from this area or if it was even safe to go forward there…he had no other option. “I don’t know… if you hate humans or not…I don’t care. But he seems to know you, and needs help really bad… but I can’t do this alone anymore…Please? W-Will you help us?”

The otter thrown off a moment from his question, on the spot giving him trust, feeling he would still be terrified of him. Flipping on his hood staring into the Child’s eyes thinking “if this kid can give me trust, I know can do the same.”

The otter clenched his fist was so close. Feeling failure he couldn’t save Tonto…This will knowingly shatter Kai... But to know he’s not gone at this point is all what mattered most.

“Leave it to me.”

This was hard for me to write. xD I never felt so close to my characters' before. I'm finally happy to have this done despite all the crap I been through these month's.But yeah, Hope you enjoy or at least the picture.


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