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An Autumn Evening's Epitaph by Dekafox

An Autumn Evening's Epitaph


Argonians may not build much in the way of permanent structures anymore, but they're not adverse to acquiring existing ones, and this little cottage out on the swamp makes for a cozy place to hole up as the nights get colder.  A good book and a warming fire in the fireplace are the perfect capstone to a long day. Time for Speaks-With-Bones to see what this "Investigator Vale" her Mage's Guild friend had mentioned was all about.

A somewhat rare off-season image of Speaks! I like to make a point of thinking what my adventuring OCs do in their off-time, as it's something that oft gets neglected in RPGs. In Speaks's case, her natural curiosity and link to the Mage's Guild not only made her a bit of a lorehound, but started an interest in books in general. It may have started with historical fiction like 2920, but the Investigator Vale series is bound to become one of her guilty pleasures.

This lovely piece is by Kirena-Kaya!