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Hey all! You can call me either Deege, DJ, or Beau. My pronouns are it/its. I've been described as friendly, welcoming, resourceful, stuff like that. I love talking to people and receiving feedback, so if you ever wanna chat about anything, feel free to message me!
I'm sure you'll be able to see it through my gallery and favorites, but my general interests include reptiles/reptilian species, snakes, monsters of all sorts, robots, demonic types, and all that fun jazz! And right now I'm really big on Pacific Rim and Steven Universe.
Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you have a lovely day!


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Commissions are Open!

Whoo! Haven't posted anything here in a while. Anyways, for those who don't follow me on FA - commissions are open!

I made a new set of rules and a fancy price guide (with examples) - please check these out first!

I now have fees and discounts in the prices, so check those out! (Fees aren't always applicable either, it's a case-by-case kinda thing.)

And if you're interested in getting a commission after all that heavy reading, fill out this request form!

A small breakdown of what's gonna happen afterwards:

  • I'm keeping the commission request forms open until Sept 23th, Saturday, at 11:59 PM PST.
  • On Sunday, I'll officially decide which commissions I want to work on, and email + message the clients!
  • I'm planning to pick up to 4 slots, depending on the complexity of the ones I pick.
  • If a client doesn't respond within 5 days OR cancels their commission, I will reopen for their spot.
  • I'll work on the commissions and once they're finished, I'll reopen again!

This is a trial-and-error kinda thing! I'm trying it out to see if I like this process and to see if it's easy on everybody else. So if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions on the process, please let me know in the comments or in a note! I like hearing feedback, it helps me perfect things.

**One quick Patreon plug: **
Patrons got to access the form a whole day early! And Patrons who pledge $10 or more a month get a 10% off discount on any commission they choose! Check out all the rewards and consider pledging today! Your support is helping me become more independent, and will hopefully help make moving out of my current situation a lot easier!

CamariCreations on Patreon!

thanks for reading! have a wonderful night!

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Full Body

from $ 9.00
to $ 14.00
Lines and Flats
from $ 17.00
to $ 20.00


from $ 6.00
to $ 9.00
Lines and Flats
from $ 8.00
to $ 12.00


Full Body
from $ 12.00
to $ 25.00
from $ 8.00
to $ 12.00


from $ 24.00
to $ 144.00

PRICING: The pricings I give on my lineart/lines+flats commission sheets are basically base prices. The prices raise or lower depending on the character(s), add-ons like props and backgrounds, etc. Always feel free to ask me for a quote, and if it's too much we can negotiate, or you can back out. It's totally fine and I 100% understand.
I require either full payment on ALL works over $30 USD after the sketch is sent, depending on the cost! Works totaling in over $90 USD can qualify for a 50% down payment after sketch, with the other 50% paid after the image is completed. (June 27, 2016)
Tips are appreciated very much!!

TURN-OUT TIMES: It may take me a couple days to get around to your order! Along with being a household caretaker, I have other commissions to work with, and I struggle with fatigue from depression and other illnesses. You can ask how my progress is coming along, but please try and be patient! I promise not to take very long as long as you cooperate with me. (Trust me, I know what anticipation for getting a commission back feels like, omg.)

COMMUNICATION: I am big on communication! I like to get things as good as I can make them, especially since you are paying for my service. For complex commissions, I may be emailing or noting you a LOT. If it would make things easier for you, we can exchange Skypes for faster and more in-depth discussions, but that's entirely up to you as the customer.
If you prefer to communicate over email, mine is!

REFERENCES!!!: I have attempted this in the past and it turned out to be a slow and stressful process for me: I cannot work with text-only references! Faceclaims (people/animals/etc that look like the character) are always a great bet. Ref sheets, hair references, color refs, anything that helps me visualize this character helps me out a LOT! A little bit of text is totally fine, heck even one good reference picture and then text to fill in what's missing can be fine, depending. I will ask you if I need help seeing something, too!

WHAT I WILL DO: The shorter list would be what I won't do, honestly! I will do a broad range of subjects, provided I have enough references and potentially given enough time. Run your idea by me, and as long as it isn't on the list below this one, I will probably be alright with it!

WHAT I WON'T DO: foot/paw fetish; watersports or scat; pedophilic/ageplay themes; torture themes; ungulates (hooved animals, such as horses, goats, etc. Does it have hooves? Then no I will not draw it, sorry). There may be some others but this is the Definite No list. Please understand that I have the right to refuse a commission if I'm simply just not comfortable with the situation. Thank you.

And please, I stress this so much: always feel free to ask me questions! Quotes, concerns, general inquiries, anything! I am a very patient person who likes to communicate with folks and get ideas clear to help them understand. Don't be afraid to ask me even the simplest of things. Have a wonderful day!



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    Hello! Thanks for following and faving my character, Drosera! Glad you like her ^3^

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      No problem!! You have some really neat ideas and I love learning about new creatures 'n such!

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        Awesome! I hope you enjoy the things I write/art I commission in the future :D

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    You've got some stellar stuff. Will certainly keep an eye out, and curious to see more!

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      Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback, it's encouraging to know people actually want to see my art. :'D