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And So We Meet by Dausty

And So We Meet


It ended with a gentle stroke. To give perspective as to where it began:

Looking back at this one, I'm kinda glad I got my linearting under control. You know, neater, thinner, just all around less bold in a way that's kinda glaring. I do like how I did the tattoos and such. I put a lot of work into them and I think it shows.

Old Description:

There was shading the shape of leaves cast across the ground. My slumbering form was not allowed to take advantage of its gentle shield from the sun as the branches stretched aside above me. Ah, but I was given the gift of warmth when the body beside me had apparently left. Splashes of water came from down the way. Being of respectful nature but also of male curiosity, I traversed the trees in order to see if a bare Raptor would await me.

When noting my dearest pulling up his loincloth- the very one I had composed for him -just as my eyes met with the skin, I imagined feeling disappointment wasn't the most outrageous thing. Still, I was treated to a slight gasp and a blush in that male's cheeks. Silly me had forgotten my dressings and then directly ignored this fact.

Instead, my feet brought me forward.

A little info:

~ Travis' tattoos there were implemented by Daust himself. They allow the two to share the latter's mystical energy as well as show just who the Raptor belongs to. This is a very important mating ritual for Goldeneye Tribe members to partake in should their mates not be draconian.

~ Understandably, the Dragon attempts to exercise his right to see the tattoos in full any time he is able.

~ Daust is oftentimes a gentleman, but the morning affliction every male suffers overrides this at times. Still, he is quick to revert, opting for sweetness rather than sexiness.

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