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Full on Friendship by Dausty

Full on Friendship


Tension was thickly laced throughout the cool air of that night. After having been approached by a dragon - a recognized face from The Order - during the enjoyment of bathing in the waters of a pond, I feared having to fight for my freedom- adding another crime to that already accused.

There is a pact between the Goldeneye Tribe and The Order. Their dragons had vowed to aid ours whenever necessary in exchange for the most valuable observations we have made in the region and beyond. Still, a Dragon with a strong sense of justice and a head thicker than his muscles could be a problem. This one... seemed like a statue. I could not read him.

Thus, I drew myself from the waves and calmly proposed taking him on as an escort- a job that would fulfill the terms of the pact. I recalled his name. "Khamsin."

Khamsin recalled mine. We had sparred back when he first visited my tribe, leading to a series of stalemates that eventually became draws. Neither of use were using our extended, lethal abilities, but the memories held enough weight to convince my acquaintance that drawing a wild card here would be too risky. There are also the moments we sat down at a campfire after a long day and simply talked. Both must've plucked a certain string, but that is mere speculation on my part. Not outright attacking was a gamble, though one that would show my nature had not changed. Thankfully, it paid off.

With our eyes locked and bodies still wary of what treachery may be brought by the other, we extended our palms and clasped them sternly. He vowed to lend his services. I was happy the deal was stricken and accepted.

Now my mind lends the moment a more cheery tone, but perhaps this is due to more recent events. Since then, Khamsin and I have found we both find humidity to be rather icky. It has proven quite convenient though, lending a thin veil of insufferable heat to shrug off my robes to. A certain handsome dragon and adorable raptor seem to have noticed.

I could go on about their gradually unveiled appreciation, but that's a story for another time.

This shit took forever.

And I had fun drawing it. |3

risingtempest's dragon, Khamsin, is featured.

travisbuchanan's cutie raptor of the same name is mentioned.

Yours truly is featured and rendered the art. I hope you enjoy it.~

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    is that a Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy reference?

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      Indeed it is! I loved that show while it was still around.

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        same here, I even enjoyed the "Bleedman" version.

        sorry for the late reply.