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The Facilitators: Commander Hanover (art by Madfox) by Darkwitt

The Facilitators: Commander Hanover (art by Madfox)


CODENAME: Commander Hanover
CIVILIAN NAME: Scott Treyvor
MARK: Red Striped Rectangle
PRESENTATION:  Bomb disposal drone refitted for communication. In person: Military cap tucked low, plastic muzzle covering his mouth and facial features, General’s Uniform with fake badges to hide nationality.
AGE: 47
SPECIES: Mountain Lion
BIRTHPLACE: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
SPECIALIZATION: PMCs, Military Industrial Complex, Infrastructure
OCCUPATION: Contract drafter, Proofreader for Blue Wolf PMC, Former Commodore
HISTORY: Hanover always found purpose within clearly defined power structures. He obeyed his parents to the point that his younger five siblings considered him the third parent in the family. He was an enthusiastic hall monitor, then junior police officer, and eventually joined the Royal Canadian Navy when he was of age. He discovered  the ‘old boys club’ mentality of top brass, and when his enthusiasm and insistence  on protocol threatened the standing of his superior officer, he found himself in a world of inefficiency for the sake of petty standing. He was honorably discharged once his  term was up, and he was snatched up by Blue Wolf an an analyst. The Qualm recruited Hanover once Blue Wolf acquired contracts to operate in the US Military’s stead,  figuring he would be able to weave connections in the Military Industrial Complex  and continue the work of his predecessor from a different angle. Hanover is utterly dedicated to the facilitators, and seeks to build a military with a restored command structure: where the pride of self is removed, and the Mission is always prioritized. Vigilance and Protocol over wrath and greed.

Military's always been beyond my understanding. I appreciate the value of a hierarchy as much as the next Facilitator (so long as I'm near the top) but the moment you find a highly competent solider, the military starts eating itself like an ouroboros. The field is rife with self sabotage, corruption, and the lining of pockets. But Hanover is different. The man projects himself like a wall from a war long defunct. Aspiring to a discipline only romanticized in war movies. If he ever got past commodore, he would have probably been running the place. I think getting stonewalled motivated him to look for work in the private sector. He has the air of a 'career man' about him. I'd better keep my nose clean and curb my ambitious demeanor around him, I'm not entirely convinced my jamming networks can put up a decent fight against military technology.

My only saving grace is he seems eager to prove to Mr. Accrue that I deserve a chance.

Art by @/HowlingMadfox

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