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Greetings. You may call me Darkwitt. Mind you, it's only a title. My name is for my civilian life. I am what you would call a facilitator. one of many who help promote progress and synergy in society. our organization is predominantly American, Founded sometime around the days where trusts and monopolies defined the standards. As a facilitator. my job is to promote ideas, encourage people with those ideas to step forward and make progress, and to discourage those who have long since stopped innovation and have proven to be more concerned with staying in power than managing it. We work in the background to ensure the status quo. We are only permitted to have as much power as our job requires. no more. no less. Our influence is everywhere, but we are not the leaders. that is for public men. I in particular, specialize in individual investment. Are you an up and comer in business? do you have a series of good ideas? are you someone that promotes positive change in your town, regardless of your 'personal tastes?' chances are, I might have helped you get there. Please. Continue as if I never existed. but if you struggle to maintain your power, if you suppress the capabilities and potential of others, you'll be sure to have a meeting from one of us. You can bet that you won't hold your position for long. After all, this world is filled with people with your kind of potential, and there are only so many spots to vie for.

Now then. a bit of clarification: this is all just amusing story play. What you will see on this page is, predominantly, ideas. I'm no artist, and my area of expertise isn't quite for a site like this. but I have decent ideas I'll promote here or there. if you like something you see, feel free to try it yourself. Provided you at least guide them back here. My ideas are for everyone, but permit me a small right. If you draw an idea you're sure came from me, guide them to my page, or the picture. I'll try to provide where and how I came up with the idea. As time goes on, I'll be slowly expanding 'darkwitt's' universe. you'll learn more of his rivals, colleagues, and other methods of his system. The ideas are generally based around hypnosis and mind control, so if you find them unpleasant, you probably will not gain much here.

As for a bit about the man behind the character:
I am a Sound Designer, You'll see most of my work from :iconfuzzamorous: I do voiceover, Foley, and anything in relation to sound.
I'm a practicing hypnotist, about seven years now. Though the last year I haven't had many sessions. if you have interest, send me a PM. I hold myself to a strict ethical standard within those sessions. My expertise is exclusively recreational (I.e. no therapy.)
I am also a master. exclusively dominant. Straight (a rarity, I know), but my love and appreciation for mind control transcends rhyme and reason.

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