A Very Okami Christmas 2014 by Dark Violet (critique requested)

A Very Okami Christmas 2014 (critique requested)

Dark Violet

25 December 2014 at 10:36:08 MST

Hello, greetings, welcome, and a great big MERRY CHRISTMAS from me to all of you <3

It's another year, and as always, it's another Christmas Picture, as is tradition at these times; this year, my new Okami art style has allowed me to do another group picture like I used too so many years ago. Oh, and of course, I've got to go for fun kinds of lighting, haven't I? :3

So, smile and enjoy another great christmas time together!

To my friends, from left to right (Going by head position here~)

Oh little Sandlava, your companionship and overwhelming charm make you such a joy to be around; in games, in chats and in real life. You've been a great, inspiring friend, and I can't wait to see ya back over here again!

Not only are you a fantastic author, you give help and kindness without even being asked. You're a wonderfully warm person, especially when buried in your fluff. Merry Christmas, Reno <3

It's taken two years for me being so close to you for me to actually meet up with ya again, and you're as fun as I remember. It's been a fun few nights whenever you've visited, and your help has been very much appreciated. Here's to another year and the future, eh~?

Katie, you're a wonderful poof. You're the best damn Wag I know, in fact. You're a beautifully accepting and warm person, with an infectiously bubbly personality. Thank you for another fun year, and I hope for a better one in the future :3
Also fuck you, I ain't alterin' this. You get what you're given!

It's not very often that I receive any kind of fanart, and believe me when I say, the unexpected one I got from you was ~very~ much appreciated and loved. Not only that, getting to finally talk and get to know you has been wonderful. You're such a loving, caring, inventive person, and I've enjoyed all our games and calls and talks. Thanks Sleek - Keep it up next year <3

Bitch all you want bird, I'm afraid that 'Aluminium', 'Colour', and Tea are going to continue on as they have for years. Hopefully this friendship will too though, so we've got that going for us. I'll say more, but I got a Turkey to chow down. Have fun <3

"Oh, no, don't do anything with this appearance information" oh come on like this was unexpected in any fashion. Plus, think you can order me around? <3 Have a great Christmas, lil' morsel; thank you for your service through the year, and I'm looking forward to more companionship in the next :3

Yet again, everything said here has been said elsewhere, so there's not much point. Plus, the less I say, the more I piss you off - and that's what Christmas is all about!

Myself~ <3

I guess I have a things for Shaymin, huh? I hope these past few months have been as fun for you as they have for me; I can assure you on that second part anyway. Take care little one; many more fun filled games and times spent together are requested by your God <3

Speaking of your God~

I've given you art. Will you shut up now? <3
Thank you for this year as always, Sir. You've been a light, warmth, inspiration, and all that other crap that's basically a fancy way of saying "I hate you in just the right way." So, let's try this one again shall we; next summer...?
Love ya <3

You know, I think it's a good sign for conflicts in this world, a story like Fox and the Hound; after all the horror and hatred, a Northerner and a Southerner form an unlikely friendship...
Okay but yeah. You've been a wonderfully warm and caring friend, and everything you've done for me is so, so much appreciated I can't contain it even in this longest mention. Thank you so very much Wrince, and a Merry Christmas <3

So happy and bouncy and nyaaaah, it's hard to keep up with you! But it's such a fun time when I get to chat and play with you, and I really do enjoy it a lot. Have a great day Lester, and I hope for another year ahead <3

Get out of that hat where did you even get it D: You know I wonder. Maybe your trick will be appearing out a bottle? Probably one that unexpectedly empties shortly beforehand. But I'm getting sidetracked.
Thanks for a year of being my friend, you've been so very fun at the many meets, nights over, in all our hanging out, etcetera etcetera. Merry unchristmas <3

Last but not least, we have the hair. I mean Jags. No, wait, I was right the first time. You've been so fun to chat and talk with, online and when ya came to visit. Plus, dat voice. Damn Welsh and their cute as fuck accents. Hope this next year's a great one for ya <3

So that's it for those in the picture - but wait, there's more! I'd also like to give a huge shoutout to my many other friends: Shatter, Valdis, Shiron, Raz, Kingy, Rogue, Fox, Zip, Rune, Tana, Sear, Sneas, Ocio, Ryx, Gaz, Halou, Komo, Frank, and those that I've undoubtedly forgotten.

Another thank you to all those that I interrogate for art criticism, you guys are the reason for any art and improvement I manage to throw out. Seriously, it's all very appreciated <3

Here's another one: Thanks to all those who have taken part in my streams, be they co-hosts, art winners, those who have a chat, or even those who come to listen. It's great to see ya there and have a good natter sometimes!

One last one: Thank you to all my watchers, on here and other pages and sites. You all inspire me to go forth and create, and make me feel so loved. Thank you all, have a Merry Whatever, and finally;

Enjoy <3

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good day! Raises teacup

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