Shiny Midnight Lycanroc beanie by DarkPheonixCreations

Shiny Midnight Lycanroc beanie


3 September 2017 at 04:07:44 MDT

Commission for a shiny Midnight Lycanroc beanie with custom eye colour. I was asked if I could make the eyes the same as my shiny Midday Lycanroc's eyes for this one.

I've also updated my design for the beanie including embroidery month and paw pads. New claws, extra 'spike' on the back fur and updated a few other odd bits. The ears are floppy as I've added polly pellets in the ear tips as well. I hope everyone likes the updates I've made.

I just love how the face off this one turned out the shape just came out so well.

Like my last one he's made from Shannon Minky with machine embroidery eyes and plastic safety nose. The body is fill with polly pellets and a little stuffing under the head. He's 7 inches long from nose to bum and 4 inches to the top of the head.

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    Awwww I'd love him , Midnight
    Lycanroc is my favourite ^^ is he for sale ?? ^^

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      ^^ thank you very much.
      This one is already sold but once I get a few head and bodies made up I'll be taking more orders for them on my Etsy store. I have a few started so I'm trying to get them done ASAP.

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        Awwww no problem ^^
        Awwww fair enough ^^ Awww sounds good to me I Have an Etsy account so I'll be Pokémon Beanie shopping soon >^•^<

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    I like how this turned out! :D

    Are you going to try to make the Dusk forme before Ultra Sun/Moon come out? :) To complete your set of designs of course! XD

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      Thank you very much.

      Yep I just finished it last night I just need time after work today to get it posted :)

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        I'll be posting him now as it seems I have more time before work then I expected :)

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          You're very welcome! :)

          And the Dusk Forme looks just as adorable! :D

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    What a beauty! I always thought that shiny midnight lycanroc was extremely pretty and cute. :D

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      Thank you very much. I agree the shiny colours are just so nice and blue just happens to be one of my fav colours as well so I was really happy with I saw both was blue XD.

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        yeah, blue is my favorite color. :)