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Fall Cutie - By Blacku-Draws by darkflamewolf

Fall Cutie - By Blacku-Draws


I actually had this idea as far back as Murana, when Taylor was not even a twinkle in my eye, so to speak. The original idea was for Murana to be sprawled out on a bed of grass in a full wedding gown, with her veil splayed out behind her head and bouquet of flowers in her paw. The idea never materialized, but the image in my head still stayed with me.

So when I finally found an artist that could do amazingly cute stuff, this idea came roaring back with a vengeance, but this time, with Taylor as the main subject instead of Murana. I dare say it was the better choice and I'm happy Taylor was the one who ultimately got the cute treatment. In preparation for the fall months, it is October for her and Ahya is having a bit of fun with a pumpkin. One of the last few happy images of Taylor as a young teen before she rebelled, turned punk/rebel and ran away from home.

Artist: Blacku-Draws -

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    I love this image for multiple reasons. The obvious is that it's good art (and I'd tell the artist that myself if I had an FA account). More importantly, she's a teenager! I've only ever seen tailmaw on grownups. It's neat to think of someone having grown up with one. I saw you also have art going even younger than this, but this one stands out to me because she's around the same age as my fursona in this image. And also because this is freaking cute and wholesome!

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      I'm so happy you like it. Yes, I have art of Taylor way back when she was a cub. I got art detailing all stages of her life up to her young adult years. I feel like this is a necessary thing for viewers/readers to understand the impact having a tailmaw would have growing up. Seeing her at each stage of her life, in my mind, only helps people empathize with her plight and want to see her overcome her obstacles and come out ahead in life, tailmaw and all! The artist is also active on Twitter, so you can compliment them there as well! <3