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A Drink for Your Thoughts - By Hitmore by darkflamewolf

A Drink for Your Thoughts - By Hitmore


The stress was getting to Taylor. She was barely 17 and she was already involved in something that she was mentally not prepared for. Sure, she ran away from home and managed to become lead guitarist in a notorious underground rave band, but the environment was stifling and she couldn't bear the thought of her mother slowly emaciating away to nothing due to her cancer. She just wanted an escape from the insanity that was her life - she was tired of running away and being ashamed of what she was, for her tail.

Up on the stage, nobody cared who she was, just that she was bringing the music. Many came to see her for the spectacle. Many believed it was just special effects and animatronics that controlled her tail. She brought the crowds and made the band more famous than it already was. However, there were increasingly more instances where she thought she saw shifty characters watching her from the corners of every room, eyeing her every move and taking suspicious pictures. The life of fame was a bit much for a teenager. She had run from one prison and ended up in another quite different. Stress was getting to her and nights like tonight, she wondered where her life went wrong.

Artist: Hitmore -

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