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    Shout-out to myself for being myself!

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    I feel like you are not giving off great critique, so this is probably just me critiquing your critiques, lol!

    Anyways I feel like you could do a better job at it, and you are not being very specific. You are pointing and nitpicking out the things that bother you and not giving actual advice for the artist to improve. Maybe you should study before you give out your thoughts. I'm not sure if it's the way you just say it it, but I would prefer you fix it.

    I'm not saying "If you can't draw you can't critique" I'm not saying that at all, I'm saying that you should know what flaws are, and how to make them better. An example of what you are doing is this:

    Imagine your friend gets a new hair cut and she asks you what you think about it, and you say "I don't really like it" she asks "why?" and you reply "I dunno? I just don't".

    See your not specifying what needs to be improved, you are just saying your opinion. Critiques are usually made up opinions, but they are used to help improve the next piece not vent out what you dislike about it.

    These are some things I feel you need to work on before you give out more critiques. It can really hurt not knowing what someone is talking about, and what people want improved. I honestly love critiques and I love to hear people's opinions about my art, but it's not very helpful when you are just rambling about it.

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      I feel you are just trying to keep your artwork on the front page and receive only Hollywood ending style comments.

      I will redact my comments in the hopes that your artwork does not improve as you appear to be attacking my style of critique and complaining about what I do as opposed to trying anything I have listed or even trying to finish that drawing that is cheaply chopped in half without legs and floating. I do not have to give you anything.

      If my vocabulary is unclear to you, get a dictionary, study writing, and get a liberal arts degree. I have made every attempt known to me to portray my criticism in a clear manner that is easy to follow and extremely dumbed down. I can understand even the most poor and well put prose. Yet you cannot?

      It's not my fault if you have trouble with reading comprehension. Don't blame me for it. Practice it and you'll learn it.

      You are wrong in your assessment of me needing to do anything to continue making criticism, or anything for that manner, as I can critique whoever I want, however I want, and whenever I want. You are not in charge of me.

      You contradicted yourself with your closing argument.

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        holy fucking shit dude

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        Have you ever considered not being this way? Like, you literally don't have to be a condescending prick all the time.

        And for someone who "critiques" other people constantly, you sure don't take criticism well.