Yuki Minamoto reference by Cyborg-Lucario

Yuki Minamoto reference


17 January 2020 at 11:43:15 MST

Name: Yuki Minamoto

Age: 20

Species: Monkey

Nationality: Japanese

Sexuality: Asexual

Likes: Soft, sweets of different kinds, fighting, proving herself as the strongest woman in the world, brushing her hair, and challenges.

Dislikes: Cheating, cowards, loud people, children, sour candy, bugs, and being sick.

Yuki Minamoto is the heiress of both a corporation and dojo in Japan, but she's not satisfied staying so she travels across the world to partake in fighting tournaments.

Her parents and grandparents may think that she's looking for a man strong enough to be considered her husband, but she's not interested in getting into a relationship since she believes that people are mostly interested in sex, which is something she's not interested in.
She thinks that a romantic relationship would be nice though if she's lucky enough.

She certainly don't want any children since they have always made a fool out of her (sometimes it's deserved, because she can be really rude).

She may deal with her opponents by eating them whole (if it's allowed in the contest), but she has started to feel ashamed of it ever since she found out that people have a sexual fetish for that.

Yuki Minamoto (c) Cyborg-Lucario

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