Fire Emblem Sale by Cyborg-Lucario

Fire Emblem Sale


28 April 2017 at 06:02:35 MDT

Yup, here's the official announcement of my Fire Emblem sale that I will have throughout Fire Emblem Month (May).

I think I might have said that there would be 20% discount of the prices, but I have thought about it and I think it's better if it's a $5 discount instead for coloured and shaded artworks.
Sketches and inked drawings will not get a discount unfortunately.

About the drawing itself so did I decide to have my pregnant (but moody) cheetah character Check dressed up as a sorcerer (which in the games are usually a promoted dark mage). And I based this sorcerer design on several of the games.

Of course for the sale so can you tell me which version of a specific class you want your character to be if you prefer one games design over the other.

If you want to have a mount in the picture (horse, pegasus, whyvern, or griffon (if any game has other kinds of mounts, please tell me)), then that will count as an extra character. Just so you're aware.


Check Spring (c) Cyborg-Lucario

Fire Emblem (c) Nintendo and Intelligent System

I get the feeling that Check is angry about something. I mean, it can't have anything to do with me writing on her sorcerer costume. Looks cautiously at both sides

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