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AHL MAX Defunct Edition: Max - Binghamton Senators by Cyan Glaciertooth

AHL MAX Defunct Edition: Max - Binghamton Senators

Cyan Glaciertooth

It's time to introduce the first pic for the AHL MAX: Defunct Edition!

During the team's 15 years in Binghamton, NY, the Binghamton Senators' mascot was a mountain lion named "Max", short for "Maximus". As the Binghamton Senators, they adopted their NHL affiliate's Roman Empire theme for their branding. In this pic, Max is at the Roman Colosseum, ready for a gladiator fight (or simply just posing like he's ready).

In 2017, when I was first working on the AHL MAX Series, the Binghamton Senators were in the process of moving to Belleville, Ontario, Canada to become the Belleville Senators. At that time, it was uncertain as to whether or not the Baby Sens would still use Max as their mascot in Belleville or not. Regardless, I still drew Max for the series. In the event the Bel-Sens wouldn't have a mascot, the Max pic would be a placeholder. Belleville would be without a mascot, up until last month, when "Belly" was introduced (Pic of Belly can be found here: As for Max, he was retired (with the exception of making appearances at Binghamton Devils games).

In light of the introduction of the Belleville Senators' mascot, Belly, I made plans to revise the pic of Max, mainly changing his uniform from the Belleville Senators one to a Binghamton Senators one, as well as some fixing up the shading and his name. You can find the original pic of Max here:

While this will be put in the Defunct Edition, this will not count towards the five (or more) pics for this edition, since this was drawn at a time when Max was still being used as the Binghamton Senators mascot. Five (or more) new pictures will be added to the Defunct Edition.

Art by me
Belleville Senators logo © Belleville Senators
Max and the Binghamton Senators logo © The current owners