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17 Misconceptions Revisited with FurScience | Episode 66 by CulturallyFd

17 Misconceptions Revisited with FurScience | Episode 66


4 June 2019 at 09:23:31 MDT

We redid a classic F'd episode with our new studio access! FurScience is here to help us pick apart common misconceptions about furries and the furry fandom. This episode is meant for everyone, not just furries so be sure to share and help foster greater understanding.

Visit for actual scientific studies on the furry fandom.

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1.Furries are mentally ill
2. Furries think they are animals
3. Furries are all socially inept
4. Furry is an exclusive group
5. Furry is new
6. Furries all have fursonas
7. Furries all have fursuits
8. Furries all have artistic skills
9. Furries all go to conventions
10.Furries are overly sexual
11. Furries all go to conventions for sex
12. Furries are attracted to animals
13. Furries are all attracted to fursuits
14. Furries are more into porn and kinks
15. Furries are all lonely straight men
16. Furries are all gay
17. Furries deserve ridicule


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    :3 So, I'd love to see the current percentages between art site content. The last one I knew of was from 2015 where FA had 75% in SFW art and rising. I want to see where Everything has been at nowadays on that with all sorts of places. I always find it interesting.