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Culturally F'd is an exploration of Anthropomorphic artwork throughout history, culture and mass media. We look for furry creatures found everywhere from roman mythology to Saturday morning cartoons; great icons like Walt Disney and Amun Ra, going every where from Anthrocon to the Legend of Zelda. We’re diving head first into history, archaeology, religion, anthropology, literature, art, digital media and the furry fandom to learn more about humanity's fascination with animals.

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Culturally F'd won an Ursa Major Award!

Culturally F'd won the Ursa Major Award for Best Magazine!!! THANK YOU! Thank you everyone who voted in the UMA's we're really honored to have our first win after 7 nominations since 2016. This year has been quite big for Culturally F'd, filming at the YouTube Studio, invited as Guests of Honour for Camp Feral and now an Ursa Major under our belt! We're so happy! AAAAA

Best Magazine Category is described as: Edited collections of creative and/or informational works by various people, professional or amateur, published in print or online in written, pictorial or audio-visual form.
The runners up (who are all excellent and you should support and check out) are:
• Dogpatch Press
• Flayrah
• Moms of Furries
• South Afrifur Pawdcast

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    Just found you on the front page, saw your youtube trailer - nice, guys, keep doing what you're doing.

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    Hey! I just found this because it showed up on the front page, and freakin' WOW! I'm so happy this exists in the world now. Y'all clearly (and I don't mean this badly) took a cue from shows like PBS Idea Channel, PBS Game/Show, and This Exists, but it's so nice to see this happening in the fandom. I've actually helped out with a few episodes that PBS Idea Channel has done (when relating to furry in one way or another). Not saying that gives me any credentials, but still. You all are doing great work, I am totally digging your post-furry episode (and watching the others even as I type this).

    Keep up the work, y'all! There needs to be way more intellectual commentary in the fandom, or at least I've always thought so. You've made a real fan with me!

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      That's so awesome! I actually studied Idea Channel's format in preparation for this show. It was a real "Senpai noticed me!" moment when you tweeted this weeks video at them. If you ever want to help us out, we're always looking for writers and proof-readers for the scripts.

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        Oh, I'd love to help you out if you ever need it! I believe all my contact info is on my Weasyl page, so feel free to drop me a line however you'd like.