Female/23/ Texas, US
I am an avid Animal Lover; I believe in animal welfare while still being able to do taxidermy and the arts that go along that style.

I make sure any pelts I acquire was dispatched the most humane way possible.
I am in college now to become a Mortician/ Embalmer.

I have with me at my apt.

3 dog- Sheltie tri-color male: Gaston / Sheltie tri-color female: Cruella / Sheltie bi-blue male: Mr. Smee
1 cat- orange and white: Hannibal or Hanz
1 snake- cinnamon ball python: Jafar
2 guinea pigs- Maleficent, Yzma

parents home

2 dog- mutt sand and black female: Suki / Doberbam male: Demon

2 cats- grey white, black: Socks, Cracker

1 guinea pig- black and white male: Tux



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taxidermy sale or trade

on 30 July 2014 at 21:24:46 MDT

I've decided to downgrade alot of my items here in the past few days.
with the large projects I have in my mind, ive realized i just do not have the storage space for anything really big until I get a house.
and just a realization strike more or less.

So i am selling a few things that are big.
:star:Taxidermy pelts:star:

Gray back Icelandic sheep /pending/ * need to go by post office for shipping quote*
250. plus shipping

black wolf
600. plus shipping

I am still willing todo commissions for lifesizes that I have avaliable for people.
these pelts wont be sold by themselves.

this is for a lifesize commission only base.

Extra pale whitemark large male who was tanned by wlg has bright face and just a big chunky boy
1100. Plus shipping

Typical good sized ranch red
Nice brick red female with great mane and fur
750. Plus shipping

Email at
If interested I can email you more pictures of the fox.

I also have things from 
in the link is all wet tan.

now trades, I would prefer money
but if you have something that tickles my interest id be willing for the most part.

looking for something that would be of equal value towards the pelts / or / mounts
couple of deals of art
custom art doll
other mountable pelts/skulls (( ranch fox, or something odd)
something unusual
fursuit parts

I do have the right to refuse if its just something that aint triggering my fancy.
and towards the pelts, if you would like for me to mount it trad. we can work out a deal there.

I really wouldn't like todo payment plans for these.
maybe if you have half down towards the wolf maybe but yea.

shipping in US is just easiest

paypal is best please.
paypal is my email listed below

first come, first serve
I wont hold items a couple of days or so, sorry.

Email at
If interested since i have my phone on me always and just check here once and awhile.

Gold platinum- waiting for rest of money to ship
Red Marble- waiting on rest of down payment to order form and start working.

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    thanks for the fallow

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    Horse Vagina!

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    some fab fox mounts here!

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      Thank you so much!.
      cant wait to start working on the 3 I have already planned out!

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    Your work is wonderful! I love taxidermy too!!
    Fantastic you are, thanks <3